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growing weed inside vs outside

Growing weed inside vs outside

Also, if you choose a non-soil growing medium, you have to pay for nutrients. Then there is the cost of the growing equipment, such as:

If you live in an unsuitable climate for growing marijuana, you have little choice but to grow it indoors.

Therefore, marijuana plants grown in California’s glorious sunlight will dwarf the smaller yields of indoor plants. To replicate natural sunlight in an indoor grow room can be exceptionally costly. We will discuss this in more detail in the ‘Cost of Growing Marijuana Indoors’ section below.

Cost of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Although you can benefit from several harvests per annum, it means constant work. Lighting alone can be a total bank breaker. We’ve heard stories of home growers who face monthly energy bills of over $4,000!

Larger predators such as deer are also known to invade fields and ruin cannabis plants, and whether or not you believe in climate change, there is no question that the weather has become less predictable in recent times.

Outdoor Growing

If you grow indoors, you also have to go through almost continual turnover. Things like pruning, watering, feeding, trellising, and harvesting are just some of the tasks.

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Growing weed inside vs outside

Indoor gives you control over all the variables, which means a dedicated and serious grower can consistently produce a superior product. When you're growing indoors, great crops with frosty pristine buds and big yields are pretty much guaranteed once you control the important variables, no matter where you live. If you're only interested in growing the highest caliber marijuana, where you get to control every aspect of everything, you likely want to grow indoors.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Growing outdoors is more like farming and less like a science experiment. Though outdoor growing can seem complicated and hard to set up at first, growing outdoors will often save you time and money compared to growing indoors. Especially once you get a feel for the lay of the land and a few different strains, sowing and harvesting your buds can become an easy routine with very little maintenance needed during the grow.

Quality of Buds

For those who have easy access to a great grow spot, growing outdoors can be the perfect option that takes very little work to grow a whole lot of buds.

Outdoor can be as cheap as getting seeds or clones and sticking them in the ground. In most cases, it will cost at least a bit more than that, especially for those who want to get high yields and dense buds, because you will also be paying for nutrients, soil, fencing and/or other supplies. Still, even serious outdoor growers get to skip on paying for grow lights or grow tents.