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growing weed indoors without a tent

Growing weed indoors without a tent

Yet I see many growers trying to construct their own special grow box. If you’re doing it because it’s fun and you love building things, or need a custom setup, that’s great. But I see a lot of growers make their own grow box in an attempt to save money.

A 150W HPS grow light (pictured here) uses the same amount of electricity as my 40″ TV and doesn’t produce a whole lot of heat. Keep it 10″ away from your plants and let them grow. It easily yields 3 ounces even on a questionable first grow.

To make things tougher, a seedling does not always produce similar buds (or grow like) the mother plant it came from.

7.) More nutrients does not equal more buds

I know it seems old-fashioned, but I believe many new growers would be happy with a small MH/HPS grow light when first starting growing cannabis indoors. These HID (High Intensity Discharge) grow lights have a reputation for being hot and needing lots of electricity, but most people don’t realize they come in all sizes, even as small as a 150W.

Once you grow in a tent, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

3.) Be aware of timelines

I know a lot of these problems from first-hand experience because I didn’t vent my first few grows

LEC Grow Lights

Growing weed indoors without a tent

The more light you have the bigger your yield is going to be. Think of it as the engine, the bigger it is the faster you can go. While lighting for cannabis is a highly debated subject, our team at a Pot for Pot believes that the best form of light for your plants is the sun. First and foremost, it is a giant fireball in the sky that is free! Not to mention it is a true full spectrum light source that the plant evolved to grow under.

The better the soil and the more light you have, the better your plants will grow. We tailored a Pot for Pot to include everything you need to go from seed to harvesting your own organic flowers, at a price that won’t leave you stressing over the thing that’s supposed to relax you. To make it easy, we blend over 18 different ingredients into our Superb Soil so that it provides all the nutrients needed to go from a seed or clone into a beautiful budding plant.

What You Need to Grow Weed Indoors and On a Budget

Those are the bare bones of growing weed cheap! There are several other accessories you can use to help produce the best yield possible and aid with clean-up, including a watering can, fabric grow pot, saucer, and natural pest repellent. This can be an expensive toolkit to put together on your own. To save money, you can check out our Complete Grow Kits at a Pot for Pot. They have everything you need to grow and you won’t have to take care of shipping costs from multiple websites.

But let’s talk about the most important elements – light and soil, and how nutrients can further enhance your soil.

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A sunny window with 4 hours of direct sun will grow a couple baggies . With full sun all day, you will send your yields through the roof. But having too much pot has never been a problem. If you live in a house that gets very little direct sunlight, you can always supplement with a natural spectrum COB LED grow light . These lights are affordable to buy, have low energy costs, and emit a natural spectrum of light that can proudly sit over your cannabis plant in the corner of your living room.