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growing weed indoors with sunlight

2. If so, what is the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way of eliminating the odor?
Move the air outside by window and a fan. Also car air fresheners like sea breeze are good for about 4 days at a time.

2. If so, what is the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way of eliminating the odor?

5. How tall, and how wide can I expect this plant to be, and is there a way of keeping it to a minimum size to reduce visibility?
Not unless you plan on making the lights turn off before the sun decides. Otherwise you are looking at a plant that will be growing until October.


First off though, is there a way of getting seeds from your current bag of green? I haven’t been able to find one in any of the bags I have bought over the past couple of years. and believe me, that is a LOT of pot without a seed. If there is a way. I need to know lol. I would love not to have to order through online sources and take from what’s already mine.

Okay so now that I have completely exhausted every question I have. send me all of your best little tips and things, I appreciate it!

7. What kind of soil will I need to buy? Are there any additional soils/miracle grow-type products I should invest in as well?


10. And last but not least, how do I go about getting seeds off of my own plant as it grows?
Must have male and female.

9. How long before I can expect results that are smoke-able?
flowering in 12/12 takes 2 months-ish. Vegging is your choice.

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Growing weed indoors with sunlight

Each type of light can be used throughout every stage of the cannabis growing process, but some can provide better results than others.

While LEDs are more expensive to buy than other grow lights, improvements in manufacturing caused prices to come down. Although they initially cost more, LEDs last longer and they use less electricity so they are less expensive to use over the duration of their life compared to other bulbs.

There’s no replacement for Mother Nature. Sunlight has served the needs of our planet for millennia and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Since the cannabis plant does its best with 10 to 12 hours of direct sunlight per dayduring its flowering period, it soaks up a tremendous amount of solar energy. Some growers have had success with considerably less hours of direct sunlight per day, but this is not ideal.

Grow Lights

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun sits in the southern sky. Summer sun—the primary growing season for cannabis—provides advantages because the sun is higher in the sky than other times of the year and the daylight periods are longer. The equatorial sun always stays directly overhead and its shadows never grow longer, which is why these areas are well-suited for cannabis.

Pests can be another problem outdoors. Deer, rodents, and other animals have been known to eat and damage cannabis, which can have a devastating effect on your crop. Insects can be an even greater problem. Some insects and their larvae will decimate lush cannabis flowers to the point that they’re seriously damaged and nearly useless for human use.

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Choosing the Right Artificial Light Source

However, CFLs aren’t entirely equipped for the entire life cycle of the plant. Generally, they emit a lot of the blue light wavelength. That is great during the vegetative growth period. During the flowering period, they do not provide enough of the red hues.

For more information about CFL, HID, and LED lights, check out our blog resource on choosing the best grow light for weed.