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growing weed in winter outside

Growing weed in winter outside

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A temperature gap of 2-4°C (3.6-7.2°F) is ideal for the first 2-3 weeks of flowering. A gap of no more than 10°C (18°F) should be maintained for the rest of the flowering period.

Germinating mid October putting out in polytunnel what should I expect? Seeds used are early skunk femenised automatic mold resistant. Should I use the old fashioned hot bed method?

Consider growing winter-appropriate strains

With that being said, a temperature drop when the lights are turned off is something to think about. To mitigate this, winter growers use their lights during the night time and use daytime as the lights off period. This lets a grower take advantage of warmer temperatures during the day.

While daytime temperatures are higher, they are not always high enough to maintain the plants’ required ‘night-time’ temperatures of 18-22°C (64-72°F). If temperature is consistently dropping below this range when lights are off, it is advisable to use central heating or an electric heater to maintain adequate temperatures.

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How to maintain grow room temperature in winter

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winter in Greece is surprisingly very cold and quite snowy. definitely a forbidden time for outdoors, at least until late february, up to late november, when you can try with autoflowers. photoperiods are traditionally placed to the strict period 25/3 – 28/10 (symbolically the 2 national days, but actually the beginning of spring and end of autumn).

Growing weed in winter outside

The most common period for growing marijuana is usually between the months of April-May (seeds germination), for the September-October harvest (this can vary depending on what planet hemisphere we live; the latitude and the season), since they are the months in which the weather is less hostile, and in the rest of the months, many are the self-growers who devote them, simply, to consume everything they harvested.

How cold affects marijuana

In addition, these seeds need less time to develop and, although they will not give large plants, the results will be good if we take into account the advice given in the previous section.

The best varieties for cold climates

And when we speak of cold, we are not referring to temperatures below zero throughout the day and for long periods of time, since in those places it is difficult for this plant to grow; we are referring to climates where temperatures are maintained at an average of between 5 and 10 degrees, as is usually the case in the north of most countries in Europe or North America, as well as countries such as China, Pakistan or northern India, where the cold is present along the year in some of its most mountainous regions.