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growing weed in water only

Conversely, if a container is too small, the roots won’t be able to stretch out, which can stunt the growth of a plant. Less soil also meant you’ll need to water the plant all the time, which will add labor.

Flushing is an important part of the marijuana growing process, when you stop giving a marijuana plant nutrients and give it straight water. This is done to flush out nutrients that may have built up in a plant during its life.

Keep in mind that as plants get bigger, they will need more water and need to be watered more frequently.

What is flushing?

The best ways to tell if a weed plant needs water is to:

If a weed plant is very dry, water will run straight through the soil and pot and quickly come out the drainage holes. If this happens, water the plant a little bit and then come back to it after 15-20 minutes and water it again, and maybe even a third time. This allows the soil to slowly absorb water until all of it is thoroughly wet.

Watering too far away from the roots can create standing water, which can lead to root rot, mold, and pest issues.

How to flush weed plants

Like all plants, cannabis requires water in order to perform its basic functions. Water helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil and then moves up the plant and into the leaves, and without it, the plant can’t survive. But giving a marijuana plant the proper amount of water may be more difficult than you think.

To properly water a cannabis plant, it needs to be in the correct size container, or a big enough hole if it’s in the ground. If a pot is too big, the plant’s roots can’t drink water where they don’t reach. If the roots aren’t absorbing water, water will sit in soil and take a long time to evaporate, which can promote root rot and unwanted insects and fungus.

Growing weed in water only

The plants pictured in this tutorial used the brand name 5-gallon Smart Pots, but any fabric pots will work. The generic options are more reasonably priced. These days, I usually use Vivosun fabric pots, though I’ve tried others and so far they all work well. I like that the Vivosun fabric pots are cheap and come with convenient handles.

2.) Choose a Plant Container

Give water in a circle around the base of the plant

3.) Water Plants Regularly

You may see mold growing on the top of your super soil. This is normal. This is “living” soil and the mold is part of the soil ecosystem. Just mix it in.