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growing weed in tennessee

The veteran must have sustained quadriplegia as a result of their service in the military.

The following are cannabis-related bills filed during this year’s legislative session.

House Joint Resolution 85 has passed the Health committee and subcommittee and will soon head to the House floor.

Windle, a colonel in the Tennessee National Guard, said in committee he believed starting with wounded veterans would be a more palatable way to approach the subject of medical cannabis in the legislature.

Allowing paralyzed veterans to use cannabis oil

Senate Bill 118/House Bill 490 would require the commission to “study laws and legislation regarding the medical use of cannabis” and report their findings and recommendations, including proposed legislation on setting up an “effective, patient-focused medical cannabis program in this state.”

At least 17 pieces of legislation related to marijuana have been introduced this year in Tennessee. Many of those bills pertain to medical cannabis, while others seek to reduce penalties for marijuana possession.

A resolution introduced by Rep. Sabi Kumar, R-Springfield, acknowledges “certain medical benefits” offered by marijuana and urges the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana, which top legislative officials say must happen before changing state law.

Creating a commission to study medical marijuana

“I would vote for it,” he said. “I think I’d support it, to make sure that you couldn’t go into Walmart and just buy a pack of marijuana or a bag of marijuana or however they sell it. I’m not that familiar with it.”

Neither approach is likely to succeed this year, largely due to top Republican officials’ resistance to permitting the drug even in medicinal form.

Growing weed in tennessee

Brewington will now face the Jackson County Grand Jury.

On August 27, a drug task force and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of Brewington’s home. During the search, they asked Brewington how much marijuana was inside the residence. Brewington responded with, “maybe an ounce.”

After a continued search of the residence, officers located over 20 pounds of marijuana inside the home and around 40 marijuana plants from around the property. A second search was conducted at a nearby residence and more growing marijuana and processed marijuana was recovered.

  • Courtesy of 15th Drug Task Tennessee
  • Courtesy of 15th Drug Task Tennessee
  • Courtesy of 15th Drug Task Tennessee
  • Courtesy of 15th Drug Task Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. (ABC4) – A Tennessee woman is facing big trouble after a drug bust at her residence/farm. Peggy Brewton was arrested in Jackson, Tenn. following a month-long investigation.

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