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growing weed in parents house

Growing weed in parents house

In apartments outside of Manitoba and Quebec — which won't allow any home growing whatsoever — landlords will be permitted to devise lease agreements that ban the practice for new tenants.

When it comes to grow lights, Dixon said a single LED light of about 200 watts is perfectly sufficient to safely provide light for four plants without having to upgrade your electrical panel.

Chris Ball, CEO of Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd., agrees with Huneault but said as growing becomes more common and as the risk is shown to be reduced, underwriters — the insurance professionals who evaluate the risks of insuring people and properties — will give insurance companies the go-ahead to consider policies for home growing.

But just because something is legal doesn't mean it's without potential pitfalls.

Will I have trouble selling my house?

However, some in the real estate and insurance industries warn that growing even a few plants inside isn't safe. They say grow lights pose a fire hazard and the high humidity required for successful cultivation encourages mould.

She expects some companies will, but others that are more risk-averse may hesitate, especially given the stigma attached to home growing.

In British Columbia and Nova Scotia, updated tenancy acts go a step further, allowing landlords to amend existing leases to prohibit their tenants from growing marijuana.

Will it damage my home?

"The history [of home damage] has been based on grow-ops, where you're growing hundreds of plants and producing hundreds of litres of water," Dixon said. "With four plants? Nah."

Mike Dixon, environmental science professor and director of the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility at the University of Guelph, disagrees. He says the amount of moisture produced by four plants wouldn't be nearly enough to encourage mould.

Growing weed in parents house

What kind of advice is this person even looking for?

I live with my parents in an illegal country, they know I smoke weed but would absolutely not endorse me growing, so i'm looking for advice on where i could plant them and keep it hidden, i'm tired of supporting organized crime.

You're tired of supporting organized crime what are you talking about

You're trying really hard to rationalize growing weed in your parents house. I'm happy for you and proud that you realized it's just not a good idea.