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growing weed in norway

Growing weed in norway

Different non-governmental organisations like NORML stated that cannabis treatments are too hard to access in Norway. The organisation highlighted the fact that many doctors don’t know much about cannabis, and in some cases, can even be hostile toward patients who ask about marijuana treatments.

Using drugs such as marijuana in restaurants, public places or places that are frequented by children or young people is seen as a significant aggravating offence and can lead to a prison sentence.

If they want to prescribe cannabis products, doctors also have to prove that they tried all other forms of treatment without success.

The Legal Situation of Cannabis in Denmark

Cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in Norway, although it might be more difficult to purchase. Norway is not a member of the European Union, so the country has set its own regulations regarding cannabidiol products.

Norway doesn’t have a list of health conditions that are eligible for cannabis treatments, so doctors have the liberty to choose when to prescribe one. Cannabis-based treatments are usually prescribed to patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) or who are going through cancer treatments.

The status of medical cannabis in Norway

Norway is the land of fjords, mountains, glaciers and stunning landscapes. Norway’s national parks offer some of the most spectacular views in Europe, so many tourists who are going to Norway and are cannabis enthusiasts would like to get baked and enjoy nature at its best.

Medical cannabis was legalised in Norway back in 2016 . Patients looking for treatment can legally buy Sativex and Bedrocan if they have a prescription.

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Growing weed in norway

While cannabis (which is most-often consumed as hashish in Norway) is the most-widely used illegal drug in Norway, a 2019 report asserted that Norway and Sweden have the lowest rate of cannabis consumption in Europe. That said, a 2021 study found that “proportions of past year cannabis use have increased among Norwegian adolescents in recent years.”

Regardless, minor cannabis violations like consumption or possession are typically punished with a simple fine.

Norway has an official medical cannabis system, but its access is extremely limited and prescriptions are difficult to obtain (Wikimedia)

Is CBD legal in Norway?

A survey of 102 physicians in 2019 found that 44.1% believe that medical cannabis is a legitimate treatment option and that 86% see it as a therapeutic agent for treating cancer and chemotherapy-induced side effects.

A 2021 study took a nationwide sample of 49,688 university and college students and found that 15.3% reported past-year cannabis use, and 23% support the legalization of cannabis. In addition, 29.2% reported that they perceive cannabis as being “low risk.”

Penalties for cannabis offenses in Norway

Norway has not legalized recreational cannabis but typically possession of less than 15 grams is punished with a simple fine.

According to Prohibition Partners, approved patients in Norway have used medical cannabis to treat conditions such as debilitating pain or discomfort, cancer, epilepsy, conditions that cause spasms, such as Tourette’s syndrome and MS.

Growing weed in norway

A recent study revealed that many cannabis growers are deterred from large-scale cultivation, due to the organisational challenges involved and the lack of specialised botanical skills. Sveinung Sandberg, who co-authored the study, commented: “Growing marijuana is a complicated process and it’s easy to water the plants the wrong way, or make other mistakes that could ruin a whole crop.”

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CBD is legal in Norway. The country is not part of the EU, and as such, it has its own set of regulations for CBD products. CBD may be used, purchased and sold, but may not contain any THC (the substance responsible for providing the ‘high’). This differs from EU laws which state that CBD products may contain up to 0.2% THC.

All parts of the cannabis plant are illegal to purchase or sell in Norway. This means that it’s illegal to mail seeds into the country. This may change with the forthcoming decriminalisation of cannabis but at present, the government has not issued any information regarding the legal status of the plant’s seeds.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Norway?

However, if the crime is regarded as an “aggravated narcotic drug offence” then the prison term is extended to up to 10 years. “Aggravated” offences are determined by:

The sale or supply of cannabis is illegal in Norway, under the Penal Code.

Is CBD legal in Norway?

Prime Minister Bent Hoie admitted that the drug possession fines were “detrimental and meaningless”, and had been more harmful than beneficial to the people of the country. He also stated that treatment should be the focus, not punishment.

At the time of writing, it’s still illegal to use or possess cannabis in Norway though this law looks set to change soon.