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growing weed in my closet

Regardless of where you do your indoor growing, you can make use of the same grow medium options. If you are growing in soil containers, pay attention to how much water and nutrients you use for your cannabis plant. Overwatering and overfeeding are some of the most common growing mistakes that even experienced gardeners make. Too much water may cause the plant’s roots to decay, so treat your cannabis plant as you would treat a gentler flower.

You want to grow weed but you don’t live separately from your parents or perhaps for any other reason you want to keep your plant a little secret. You can always grow weed in your closet. You might think that’s impossible, but with a little effort, it’s manageable and doable.

When all is set in and around your closet, it’s time to pay more attention to your plants.

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

LEDs will also help you deliver more high-quality yields than other lighting solutions.

#2 Installing your grow lights

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

If you are growing weed in your closet, you also want to control the size as well as the odor that might be coming from it. First, it’s important that you select seeds that you know are not going to consume too much space as they begin to form into beautiful plants with flowers. Since you are growing in a closet, it’s easy to assume that your space is limited. If you are buying seeds from a local dispensary, ask the vendor for seeds that are optimal for growing in a small space.

There are several options for grow lights, although it’s best to get LED lights. The more plants you put in your closet, the more lights you’ll need to install in the upper part of the closet. LED lights are inexpensive and fairly easy to install; they are appropriate for growing weed from seedling to yielding. LEDs are a preferred source of light as they don’t emit too much heat. If you use other types of light you’ll have to be extra cautious not to overheat your cannabis plant.

Growing cannabis in your closet is a great way to find a deeper appreciation and connection with the plant, and it also saves you a lot of money in the long run and is easy too.

Most people freak out when they hear this word. But don’t worry. We’re not saying you need to spray your plants with terrible chemicals that will harm your body. There are many all natural forms of pest control. For example, many bugs are repelled by eucalyptus oil. Simply soak some towels with this oil and spread the towels around the pots to help prevent pests.

Editors note: We are not lawyers. We are not law experts. Please consult with local and federal law experts before partaking in this activity.

This will be needed to hang your LED light.

A Hanger

There are some really interesting companies that sell equipment for growing weed at home like However, the problem here is that the equipment can be very expensive.

You’ll need the following equipment to grow your weed affordably and get your closet up and running:

For example, while a hydroponic setup is the fastest way to grow your plants but it is also costly, and takes a lot of skill to master. If you’re unfamiliar with what hydroponics are, it is a system of horticulture where instead of growing a plant in soil, you feed the plants through a water solvent that the nutrients are dissolved into. We imagine most people doing this for the first time aren’t going to want to shell out the kind of money needed to buy a hydroponic system. Beginners are better off growing it in soil.


The proper level of humidity needed in a growing environment is around 60-70%. This is according to a poll; most indoor growers agree this is the ideal range for indoor plants. To know what the humidity level is you may buy either an electric or manual hygrometer at a place like Wal-Mart or most drug stores. To properly provide the humidity levels in your closet, you will need a humidifier. However, if you need to be economical, you can place trays of water on the floor of your closet. With a fan blowing from the top, the water should condensate properly amongst your plants to provide them with the moisture they need.

By following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your cannabis yields in no time at all.