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growing weed in montana

Growing weed in montana

The total psychoactive THC of marijuana flower may not exceed 35%.

Will medical marijuana and recreational marijuana be available at the same business?

You must have an Alternative Nicotine or Vapor Products Retail license if you sell alternative nicotine or related products, including:

Who do I contact for additional information about applying for or managing an Alternative Nicotine or Vapor Products Retail License?

If you have questions or concerns about any Tobacco Product License or Alternative Nicotine or Vapor Product License, please call (406) 444-4351 or email [email protected]

Growing weed in montana

According to Talwani, the department will be issuing five different types of licenses, including for cultivation, manufacture (making edibles and other marijuana products), sale, laboratory testing and transport. It will be possible for a single company to hold multiple types of licenses. The state is also going to issue eight combined-use licenses (allowing for cultivation and sale) to each federally recognized tribe in Montana for the establishment of tribally owned dispensaries, so long as they are within a county that voted in support of I-190 last year.

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In Big Horn County, journalist Luella Brien has launched Four Points Press with the mission of “giving the voice back to the people of this region and getting the story right.”


As written in the initiative, counties had the ability to opt out of the adult-use cannabis market. But HB 701 makes it so counties where the majority of people voted for legalization could opt out of the market, and counties where it was not supported would have to opt into the market.

Following the passage of Initiative 190 in November, it became legal on Jan. 1 for adults to possess no more than one ounce of marijuana for personal use in the state of Montana. Presently, the only legal way to acquire cannabis for adult-use purposes is to grow it yourself — traveling to a state where recreational cannabis is legal to buy and bringing it back to Montana would break federal law. I-190 allows residents to have up to four marijuana plants of their own, but that will be reduced to two plants per person or four plants per household once HB 701 is signed.


HB 701 will also require that any marijuana transported in an automobile be in a secure bag (unopened, in its original packaging) in the trunk or locked in the glove compartment. Anyone caught with marijuana or cannabis products that are not properly secured could be fined up to $100. HB 701 also prohibits the smoking of marijuana in a public place, other than establishments licensed for its consumption, and those who do could be fined up to $50.

While much of this is spelled out in HB 701, Department of Revenue spokesperson Sanjay Talwani said a lot of work remains to implement the law. The department will also have to start managing the medical marijuana program on July 1, 2022, when it (and some of the employees associated with it) are transferred from the Department of Public Health and Human Services.