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growing weed in hot climate

Growing weed in hot climate

When growing outdoors, the ideal temperature is a little cooler. Marijuana outdoor grow temperature is best when it is close to 60ºF.

When you choose to water your plants can also help with absorption and prevent heat problems. To help keep your plants hydrated, water in the early morning before the sunrise and late in the evening after sunset. When you water at these times, your plants are better able to absorb more of their water because it does not evaporate as quickly.

How to grow marijuana in extremely high temperatures

The easiest way to prevent heat problems is to select strains that do well in your particular climate. You can also use grow rooms or greenhouses to create ideal environments. However, even if you create a dedicated indoor space, you’ll still need to pay close attention to the temperature. You don’t want it to be too hot for your plants.

On the other hand, you also don’t want it to get too cold. When using a tent, the marijuana grow tent temperature should always be above 60ºF. Anything below that and the plant growth will be stunted, the plant may freeze, and it will eventually die. Sometimes you might experience a night or two where temperatures may fall below 50ºF, but as long as it is not prolonged, you don’t need to worry. Keep in mind, outdoor cannabis may die if the temperature drops below 40ºF. Some plants can withstand the cold, but their yields will be less than that of a typical plant because of delayed growth.


Marijuana plants can grow and survive practically anywhere regardless of the climate, hence the nickname “weed.” However, they will struggle and likely not produce desirable effects if the temperature is too hot.

Growing weed in hot climate

Besides protecting against heat, kelp supplements may also enhance seed germination, increase uptake of plant nutrients, and give more overall resistance to frost and fungal diseases.

Heat stressed cannabis plants tend to droop and wilt. The leaves often start cupping, like a little taco or canoe. Sometimes just the edges of leaves tip up. The ends of leaves may curl up or down. Heat-stressed plants can stop growing until conditions improve.

Silica supplements strengthen plant cell walls. This not only makes cannabis plants more resistant to heat, but it also helps prevent stems from breaking when buds get big and heavy!

6.) Breezy Spot If Possible

Most auto-flowering strains are ready to harvest 2-3 months from germination, regardless of the sun’s light schedules. This can be helpful for growers in parts of the world that get several months of good weather in summer yet turns rainy or humid early in the fall before most photoperiod plants are ready to harvest. If you know that you’ve got at least 3 months of good weather, you can put auto-flowering plants outside and know they’ll be ready to harvest before the weather gets bad.

Many outdoor growers are dealing with unusually high temperatures during their summer grows, and many of you have written in with pictures of outdoor cannabis plants that are wilting and drooping, with leaves that are twisting, curling, flipping up at the edges, or otherwise getting majorly stressed by the heat.

1.) Never Let Plants Dry Out!

Only water when the topsoil is dry up to your first knuckle. Learn how to water plants perfectly every time!

Example of outdoor cannabis plants thriving in coco in tan smart pots!