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growing weed in florida legally

Eli Joyce with the grassroots group Regulate Florida is pushing to get recreational use on the 2022 ballot.


“I can say I’ll probably have fewer patients but there are still medical patients that really need a lot of education,” Dr. Auld said.

Man arrested at RSW with 24 pounds of weed

First, though, activists need to get 225,000 signatures just to get the courts to review it to decide if it can even be placed on the ballot.

However, possession of 25 or more cannabis plants constitutes prima facie evidence that the cannabis is intended for sale or distribution of cannabis.

Penalties for Cultivation of Cannabis

It is an affirmative defense to the crime of Cultivation of Cannabis if you can prove that you did not know the plants you were growing were cannabis plants. Because knowledge is an affirmative defense, you would be required to testify a lack of knowledge of the substance’s illegal nature. [3]

Lack of Knowledge

Other suppression possibilities that may present themselves are: if law enforcement obtained a search warrant in bad faith or if you were arrested without probable cause.

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