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growing weed in a bucket

Growing weed in a bucket

The latest cultivation trend: growing lush pot plants in tiny grow chambers that anyone can build. Here’s how to make your own space bucket.

Micro-Growing Space Bucket Style

Let’s be clear: We’re not just peering into the closet—John, myself and my photographer are all crowded inside it, personal space at a premium, ducking to avoid clothes on hangers to check out the bucket itself, which is stashed against the wall next to a tackle box and some old boots. It’s about the size of a mini-fridge, fashioned from two Sterilite tote buckets, the top one wrapped in a layer of black duct tape to prevent light from a 300-watt Mars Hydro LED system mounted to the top from escaping. Three ventilation fans hum faintly, and a narrow band of purple light leaks from the seam between the buckets.

Bucket Yields

“I’m not growing to grow pounds,” says John, whose kids are playing video games in the next room while his wife putters around upstairs. “I’m growing because it’s cool.”

Growing weed in a bucket

I can’t think of any more cons to using a 5-gallon bucket. If you use my recommendations above, you will have success growing your pot plants. Now, let’s go over some more questions you might have on this topic.

What I would expect for a yield in 5-gallons of grow medium is at least an ounce or more of bud. If all conditions are good during the grow, then look for a yield of a few ounces. Make sure to use a good flowering fertilizer so those buds get extra large. Here’s a good one on Amazon you should check out.

Cons of Growing Pot in a 5 Gallon Bucket

Other than the holes in the bucket and the medium you use, growing the plant is just the same as any other. Check out my related articles at the bottom of this article (or elsewhere on the site) for more help on growing.

Let’s face it, buying everything to get started growing weed can really get expensive. If you can find a way to save a few dollars, that means more money in your pocket for buying seeds and fertilizers. An easy way to save a few dollars is to use 5-gallon buckets instead of buying fabric or air pots for your weed.

How Big Will a Pot Plant Get in a 5-Gallon Bucket?

In this article, we’ll talk about these things and a couple more to help you save a few dollars allowing you to use that Home Depot 5-gallon bucket you have sitting in your garage.