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growing weed australia

"This provides early revenue for Asterion and scalability to ANTG," he said.

"We see Australia becoming the global leader in medicinal cannabis production," Mr Cantelo said.

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At the same time, Mr Cantelo said the TGA's approvals through its special access scheme were on the rise.

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"This new investment will be amazing for Toowoomba," he said.

"We have also had military advisors come in. When even they are quite impressed by what we're doing, we know we are doing the job right."

Tough security requirements

The crop is too valuable to risk it being stolen.

A crop as precious as gold

However, despite the surge in public support for medicinal cannabis and the issuing of licences for companies to grow or process medicinal cannabis, the TGA said there is only limited evidence from clinical trials and in medical literature to back its health claims.