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growing weed and tomatoes together

Growing weed and tomatoes together

Companion planting falls under the scope of permaculture, which replicates natural ecosystems. Companion planting is making use of other plants and herbs to facilitate the healthy growth of the primary plant, which in this case is marijuana.

Benefits of Companion Planting

Alfalfa also helps with adjusting the nitrogen levels in the soil, which are key to the growth of any plant – especially cannabis while it stores iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are important nutrients.

4. Alfalfa

Yarrow is a garden edge plant , which means that simply planting it around cannabis will not only save space but also help in yielding higher growth results.

Growing weed and tomatoes together

For companion planting to be effective, however, complementary plants must be planted close together (but not too close) for the plants to benefit each other without having to compete for root space and other resources.

As any marijuana grower knows, some pests love the taste of cannabis and will quickly infest a growing area if given the opportunity. Although indoor growers can take steps to sterilize a growing environment and protect against pests, for the outdoor marijuana grower, protecting their precious pot from unwelcome intruders can be a bit of a nightmare.



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Rather than use chemical-based pesticides that have not been approved for either cannabis consumption or combustion, use these popular garden plants to deter pests and encourage rapid garden growth in outdoor gardens of all sizes.

Companion Plants your Cannabis will Love

Companion planting is a process in which the conditions of a growing environment are improved by planting beneficial plants close to one another. Individual plants protect others against pests by emitting a strong odor (that will either deter pests directly or invite beneficial predators into the garden area). Other plants will actually improve soil conditions through aeration and nutrient promotion, while a select few will provide structural support and reduce the need for additional space.

C annabis Companion planting