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growing medical marijuana in new mexico

As marijuana can be packaged in many forms, Kaltenbach says there’s a need for child-proof packaging.

There’s a cap on the number of plants that individuals can grow. For example, you can’t have more than six mature plants and six immature plants. If there are multiple adults that live in one household, you cannot have more than twelve mature and twelve immature plants,” said Kaltenbach.

Medical cannabis patients may continue to grow plants at home, and Kaltenbach says the at home growth of cannabis plants should not impact local dispensaries.

The state will also allow New Mexico residents to grow cannabis at home. Emily Kaltenbach of the Drug Policy Alliance says this is a key benefit of the law.

Possession and growth of cannabis will only be legal for individuals 21 and older. In order to reduce the risk of minors using cannabis, Kaltenbach states that New Mexico needs to focus on education about responsible adult use and growth of cannabis at home.

Kaltenbach says New Mexico is placing restrictions on the number of plants that can be grown at home.

“I think having a plant lying around is not a huge danger, but what is more concerning is obviously edibles that are made to look like candy or desserts. We’ve learned from Colorado that we need child-proof packaging. We need to not allow products to mimic a candy,” said Kaltenbach.

Growing medical marijuana in new mexico

The application is currently only open for cultivation, but the department and the Cannabis Control Division has to come up with rules and regulations for manufacturers, curriers, retailers and cannabis testing by January 1, 2022.

In a statement RLD Superintendent Linda Trujillo said the department is committed to setting up a program “in ways that support businesses, consumers and communities.”

The Cannabis Control Act, which legalized non-medical cannabis use in New Mexico requires that cultivation licenses be issued no later than January 1, 2022 and that retail sales begin no later than April 1, 2022.

According to an RLD representative, of the 344 applications that were started, 226 of them were for a microbusiness license, which is a type of production license to grow no more than 200 plants.

According to RLD, five applications were submitted as complete, but had not been verified as complete. One of those completed applications, according to RLD, was a test application submitted by an existing medical cannabis producer. Existing medical cannabis producers went through the application process earlier this summer.

“The Cannabis Control Division is committed to making the licensing process as easy as possible while upholding the law and ensuring the integrity of New Mexico’s cannabis industry,” Trujillo said. “We look forward to working with licensees to stand up an industry we can all be proud of.”

According to a press release from RLD, integrated businesses, or those that include multiple aspects of cannabis business, will need to apply for each part of their business separately, but any fees paid for individual licenses will be applied to the total fee that would normally be applied to an integrated license application.