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growing medical grade weed

Growing medical grade weed

Date: September 15, 2021
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Can I grow cannabis at home?

Medical marijuana patients 18 years and older will be able to grow up to 3 mature and 3 immature plants at home starting October 1, 2021, with a cap of 12 total plants per household. All adults over age 21 will be able to grow under the same rules starting July 1, 2023. Plants must be grown indoors and must not be visible from the street. People who choose to grow their own plants must do so in their primary residence and where individuals under 21 can not access the plants.

"Our position is very clear, in terms of there is no role for recreational use of medicinal cannabis," vice president Tony Bartone said.

But that is the reality for a new breed of farmers trying their hand at medicinal cannabis, who have to make sure the crop is secure from paddock to processor.

"There is also some preliminary evidence pointing to a role [medicinal cannabis plays] in other neurological disorders," Dr Bartone said.

A crop as precious as gold

Growers and manufacturers of medicinal cannabis also have to demonstrate the vehicles they use to transport cannabis on the roads are safe from hijackers.

"But if you can [invest] then it is well worth it.

The AMA said there is some overseas evidence to show medicinal cannabis has a role to play in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy, as well as easing the nausea experienced by anorexia sufferers or people taking HIV medication.

Tough security requirements

"There are some who would say let's have no restrictions. I disagree, the medical authorities disagree," he said.

The crop is too valuable to risk it being stolen.