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growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

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So your info is about how to grow in the winter but u can’t answer anyone about a topic you started. Confused maybe you shouldn’t put up topics u can’t reply answers on said subject about.

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Hey what’s up, I bought 10 Bubblegum seeds still have 5 left, 3 didn’t take but 2 did. The first one I grew outside starting in July and in temperatures for France. Sadly to say this one turned out to be a male, but I let it grow anyway love the leave style. The second one is growing now but inside in a small cabinet. The problem is the cold and out of eye for my small children when they are here.
I have made everything need to grow, 2 cabins one in a bedroom 80 cm high and another in the attic 180 cm high. Lighting with CFL 400 watt total, in 6500 for veg. and 2700 for flowering, also ventilation, feeding and timer electric. The attic is the perfect place undercover from my kids, but the cold. The cabin is not insulated for now it depends on the price, that I am looking into this week.
What I’d like to know is information about your ” Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds” they are marked as a cold plant. What is their support for temperature range ? How high do they grow about ? And the time around they take before harvest ?
I have decided not to grow a lot of plants at one time, just enough for a continue the flow. Hash does relive my medical problems like cannabis, and it is very hard to find in the area I live. If you could give me an answer quickly, I would have no problem to purchases this strain either today or Monday. I’ll be waiting to see if you get to answer quickly, if not I’ll be waiting patiently for your answer.
Thanks and later, Tommie

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Buy a grow tent and a grow light I suggest Sun Blaster and they are relatively cheap it’ll work the best for germinating…

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

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Weed strains that thrive in colder temperatures

1. Optimal climate control
Every marijuana plant will thrive best once it is provided with the ideal environment in which to do so, and two of the most important factors in this equation are the temperature and humidity levels. You will need a hot and almost sticky humid space for the highest growth rate and cannabinoid content, and a greenhouse can give you all of that and more with the addition of a small heater and a good seal to keep the cold out.

1. Costly to build
Greenhouses intended for winter-use are built using heavy-duty materials that can cost a fair amount no matter how you go about it. Luckily, some of the cost can be mitigated by finding a used greenhouse online, or by opting for self-assembly rather than hiring a company to do the job for you, but to save money, it would be best to shop smart which takes time and effort.

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse in winter

  • Grow them indoors during September and half-way through October place them in a greenhouse.
  • Plant them later, meaning you’ll need to trick your plants with the light period.
  • Germinate them in a greenhouse.

When plants are under lights they behave quite differently, because although it may be winter your plants are getting the summer sun every day. They have the perfect climate and you can adjust the parameters as needed. It’s extremely hard to grow indoors during the summer without air conditioning, but it’s perfect for growing in the winter.

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If you’re not growing outdoors all you can do is grow under sodium lights, where your plants will develop ferociously and will give you an amazing yield in record times.

Here in Spain, the days begin getting longer on the 21 st of December, so you’ll need to sort something out if you don’t want a bunch of revegged plants. You can do a few things to prevent this:

In warmer places like here in Spain, growing cannabis during the winter time is quite common thanks to our favorable climate in many areas. It’s quite a different way of growing, as your plants will need some special taking care of if you want to get a decent yield. In this article we’re going to talk about the different systems you can use to get the most yield out of those cold winter months.