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growing marijuana in 3 gallon pots

Growing marijuana in 3 gallon pots

Best of all, by either removing the bottom of the fiber container or simply allowing the roots to grow through safely and naturally, you can directly plant the entire container into the ground or a larger container without causing shock to the root systems. If your cultivating method is to grow starter plants before planting them into the ground, this option is great to limit your plastic waste and avoid root shock. The container will maintain its integrity long enough to establish a healthy root system.

Bottom line – a sustainable solution that saves time and prevents root shock to the plant.

Bottom line – an economical and automation compatible growing solution often used as a starter pot.

Bottom line – if you’re looking for a super-strong, super-durable resin container you can use outdoors, again and again, injection containers are your choice.

Container Options – Pros & Cons

Each container size has limitations based on the final size of the plant. For example, a small container will not withstand the increased size of the root system at eight weeks of growth. However, that same container is perfect for a crop only growing one to three weeks in the vegetative phase.

The tall 1-gallon pot can increase the plant density and the number of growing tiers in the existing space by reducing the final crop height. We recommend using a 2.5 – 4-gallon container (depending on plant density) in a single-layer for indoor or greenhouse growing method. Whichever system you decide on, creating a filled-out canopy during the flowering stage is the best approach.

Your chosen production method for cultivating cannabis often determines your container size, whether vertical or outdoor growing.


Thermoform containers are an economical solution for those interested in many of the features and benefits of traditional injection containers. While they provide some strength and durability, including automation compatibility, they’re not manufactured for repeated use in growing operations. Thermoform containers are ideal for limited growing applications and brief cultivations where the plant is grown quickly in a temporary container and eventually extracted and transplanted directly into the ground or a larger container. Thermoform containers are a solid choice for propagation.

Bottom line – if you need middle-of-the-road strength in a larger size and aren’t concerned about automation limitations, blow mold containers are your choice.

Growing marijuana in 3 gallon pots

High-powered lighting (600W – 1000W+)

I’ve grown this strain several times and the results are consistent. It’s easy to grow and buds come out excellent even in poor conditions. Here’s a closeup of what the buds look like.

Light Size

I’m going to give several examples with pictures, but here’s the general formula we use to determine what yields can be expected for a new grow light. This is not exact in any way since every grow light is different, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a ballpark figure.

…but you will be rewarded when you do it right!


Here’s a 600W LED harvest (2 x Electric Sky 300 LEDs) in the same 4’x4′ tent, producing over a pound.