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growing cannabis with general hydroponics

Growing cannabis with general hydroponics

Now for the standard instructions!

And here’s their chart for recirculating systems like DWC, Ebb & Flow, etc.:

Buds grown with Flora trio

What Is General Hydroponics Flora Trio

Recirculating Nutrient Schedule for Hydroponics/DWC

Soil plants (autoflowering) grown with Flora trio

Alright, now let’s get to how to actually use the stuff!

It Works!
Many growers believe that the secret to getting medical-grade bud with the ‘magazine look’ is having the right nutrients. Believe it or not, all nutrient lines perform the same job: providing the basic elements your plant needs. The ways different nutrient lines provide these minerals can differ and the formulas they use can vary vastly, but these changes aren’t what makes that envy-inspiring bud…it’s the care, a good environment, and a lot of light! With that in mind, the Flora Trio works exactly like it should in that it just gives your plants the minerals they need.

Why We Recommend GH Flora
Let me start off by saying we have no stake of any sort in General Hydroponics. We don’t get paid by them or their companies or receive free products or anything like that. We just think they just make awesome stuff. Now, on to why we recommend you give them a try if you haven’t already found a suitable nutrient line:

GH Flora Trio tends to go for about $10-$14 per 32oz bottle, which comes out to $30-$42 for all three plus $20 for (optional) CaliMagic supplement. That doesn’t seem cheap until you factor in two things: you only use a small amount at a time, and the expiration date on the bottles is pretty far off. For a small personal garden, about $50 worth of nutrients can last for years. Just as importantly, the nutrients last for years even when opened as long as they’re properly stored.

Growing cannabis with general hydroponics

By using it properly, you can prevent rot, nutrient block, and yellowish leaves which is very common amongst cannabis growers, resulting in an overall stronger plant and prevents micronutrient deficiencies.

Bio Bloom is a stimulant made from natural ingredients that improve growth and beneficial microorganisms activity in the root zone.

So if you’re a hydro grower or grow in a sterile medium such as coco fiber, perlite, rock wool, or clay pellets, read along to learn the contents of General hydroponics nutrients, how to use them, top tips, and our recommended feeding schedule for beginners and more experienced growers!

FloraNectar (Flavor)

Thus improving nutrient absorption and transportation which results in larger leaves, bigger flowers, and an increased yield while boosting the immune system.

Bio Roots is a natural product designed to stimulate root growth and resistance to fungi on clones and plants in the vegetative stage, this product acts in the root zone, working along the beneficial microorganisms present.

Bio Roots

Remember that these amounts may change depending on the strain and growing conditions you’re growing in, these tables should be used as a general guideline and you should always pay attention to how your plants react and adjust the nutrient dose according to those signs.

RapidStart is a root stimulator that promotes vigorous and healthier roots which results in faster growth, and bigger and better yields. This product can be used in all types of substrates such as pre-amended soil (or soilless mixes), coco, and hydroponic setups.