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growing cannabis underground

Growing cannabis underground

It is not clear what tipped police off to the presence of the hidden grow room, but they obviously managed to complete at least one harvest before being caught!

Officially, this shady set-up in a railway tunnel in Bangor, Wales was a mushroom-growing operation, but when police looked behind the multiple sets of huge steel doors safeguarding the premises, they found something considerably greener, smellier and more profitable than even the finest morels or truffles. Four large rooms had been given over to the underground cultivation of cannabis, in an operation estimated to be worth up to €2.7 million annually!

This may just top the list of unusual underground sites for grow rooms. In Tennessee, just outside Nashville, a truly epic grow set-up was discovered by police in 2005, and it is thought that the operation ran for several years before it was finally detected.

8. Next door to a police station

Following a tip-off from the electric company that the local grid was experiencing a mysterious drain on energy, police raided a typical A-frame style family house and discovered a passageway leading down to a 75-metre natural cave, which had been expertly modified to house up to 1,000 cannabis plants measuring up to 1.8 metres in height!

Due to the absurd and draconian policies still inflicted on populations by governments the world over, people will go to extraordinary lengths to grow weed and avoid detection. Here, we list our ten favourite examples of weird and wonderful grow room locations:

These guys apparently mistook the saying “grow big or go home” for “grow big in huge homes” when they opted to repurpose a Grade-II listed mansion in Cumbria, northern England into a grow operation estimated by local police to be worth €7.1 million.

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4. In a stately home

The grow was located in a grand total of four buried shipping containers, all connected by a complex system of tunnels, and accessed by a trapdoor cut into the floor of a caravan!

In a bid to produce some truly holy smoke, as-yet-unidentified personages were reported to have repurposed a small community church in Escazú, Costa Rica as a grow room containing 226 plants and 8kg of dried cannabis.

South Australian police say they have found dozens of cannabis plants growing in a "secret underground room" through a hidden doorway, behind a bookshelf, on a property north-east of Adelaide.

Key points:

They allegedly found a "hidden" doorway, which could only be opened electronically, behind a bookshelf inside the Greenwith property in Adelaide's north-east.

Police said the discovery was made as officers searched separate properties at Greenwith and Port Wakefield on Sunday, as part of an investigation into the "the activities of a group involved in the trafficking and cultivation of cannabis".