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growing cannabis in greenhouse vs indoor

Growing cannabis in greenhouse vs indoor

Indoor growing is a relatively new practice of cannabis cultivation that only became popular during the time of prohibition. This method is a discreet way of producing quality marijuana that can thrive and produce sizable yields, even in the most inhospitable conditions. For this reason, indoor cultivation has become the go-to for many, especially those in regions where the climate is far from ideal.

Best Outdoor Strains to Grow

If the cannabis plants are planted in individual pots, and the weather is suitable, you can move the plants outdoors for a few hours to absorb the sunlight.

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Weed

Of course, these factors are all positive, but growing indoors does come at a cost. Beginning an indoor operation is a serious initial financial investment. All the proper equipment needs to be purchased, which can become expensive fast. This investment simply might not be a viable option for those who plan on growing weed for personal use and other non-commercial purposes.

Growing cannabis in greenhouse vs indoor

So let’s compare only those cases where it’s totally possible to grow the same strain both indoors and out. What can one expect?

It can be as simple as having a transparent roof and walls around your garden because this alone can extend your growing season by a full month in spring and as much in fall. It can also level out too wide swings in temperature and humidity and protect your plants from rain, hail, and wind. It’s basically outdoor growing on steroids.

Other Aspects of Bud Quality in Outdoor vs Indoor Plants

indoor production – $300 per pound
greenhouse production – $150 per pound
outdoor farms – $30 per pound

Indoor growers usually estimate their yields in grams per square meter. This is the figure that you see when you look at the features of a particular strain in a seed shop. Let’s say they promise 500-550 g/m².

What are the Yileds Outdoors?

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