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growing cannabis in buckets

Growing cannabis in buckets

The latest cultivation trend: growing lush pot plants in tiny grow chambers that anyone can build. Here’s how to make your own space bucket.

Micro-Growing Space Bucket Style

Make use of low-wattage lighting by lining the inside of a bucket with reflective material. (Photo by Alex Royan/High Times)

Glow And Low

“My first plant failed to grow because of the little sunlight I got in my apartment,” Ekrof said in an online interview. “That is when I decided to add a CFL bulb to the lid of the bucket, and a couple PC fans to keep the air running. This basic design turned out to be very effective and easy to tweak and upgrade.”

Growing cannabis in buckets

Yield: Can vary but you should expect .75-1oz

Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend LED lights or fluorescent ?

Cost: Depends on type of lights used and time lights are on with some Power Companies (pricing differs at night)

I am new at this too and am gearing up for my first build and grow cycle

Hey! Do you want some flair? You can be Bucket anything.