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grow marijuana indoors without lights

Grow marijuana indoors without lights

Use the magnifier to examine the trichomes. These are the crystals, or the frosty-looking stuff you see accumulating on your buds.

Try to keep the temperature during seeding around 73° F (23° C) and the humidity around 70%. Give them 18 hours of light per day, followed by 6 hours of darkness.

Once your marijuana plant grows its first set of regular leaves (i.e. not the seedling leaves), it has officially entered the vegetative stage.

Thus, if you want your plants to reach a height of 3 feet, you would need a 6 gallon pot. If you are using fabric pots (as I recommend) go twice as big. In this example, get a 12 gallon pot (or at least 10).

Best Way To Grow Weed Indoors: Final Thoughts

The most important additional items for ideal growth are: a nutrient solution, a pH meter or pH strips, and pH up and down solutions.

The vegetative stage is when your marijuana grow starts to get exciting. The plants grow fast, but do not yet produce any buds or flower. The great thing about growing marijuana indoors is that you get to control everything, meaning you can provide the ideal conditions for maximum yields.

The quick way to determine when to harvest is to look at the little white hairs that grow out of your bud. These are the pistils and eventually they start to curl inward and darken. They can turn any number of colors: red, yellow, purple, pink, brown, etc.

The Best Places To Get Cannabis Seeds

Here is a graphic that shows you what to look for:

Check them out here and just pick one that fits into your grow space and has enough room inside to fit your planned number of plants. If you need especially small grow tents, those can be a bit harder to find. Our article on mini grow tents will help.

Grow marijuana indoors without lights

When growing outdoors is not an option, greenhouses are one of the most obvious methods of growing indoors, and there’s much to be said for these stand-alone structures. In many ways, they capture the best of indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Conservatory, Solariums and Sunrooms for Growing Weed

This is a reality of growing cannabis. Both light and darkness at critical stages of its life cycle are necessary for it to thrive. While plants can grow with continuous light during the vegetative stage, a significant period of darkness will cause it to create buds and reach sexual maturity during the flowering stage.

Greenhouses for Growing Weed

Because of the four solid walls in courtyards, you want to avoid the shade factor as much as possible. Cannabis enjoys direct sunlight, so situating the plants near the center of the courtyard will provide the best orientation for receiving maximum sun exposure.