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grow container cannabis

Our fabric containers are significantly stronger compared to other planters and won’t fall apart mid-season. Smart Pot containers are reusable and sustainable. Our high-quality fabric maintains its integrity year after year. Its design withstands the environmental impacts of sun, wind, water — saving you time and money.

Preferred by professional growers for over 30 years, Smart Pot is the original fabric aeration container. Our award-winning fabric products are made in the U.S.A. and are free of lead, copper, B.P.A., and Phthalates for a completely clean growth!

We gladly welcome custom orders for commercial growers. We make our Smart Pot fabric containers at our headquarters in Oklahoma City, so turnaround time on custom products is fast. Contact us for your custom order.

Smart Pot is an Investment – Made to Last

It is the world’s original fabric container manufactured by High Caliper Growing, the inventors of root-pruning technology, which increases yields by improving water and nutrient absorption.

We pioneered the air root pruning technology. Our planting containers naturally root prune the plants’ roots, which increases yield by improving water and nutrient absorption – delivering exceptional yields and a potent cannabis product.

Commercial Cannabis Growing Products

Outdoor Performance Cannabis by Dustin Fraser, renowned professional cannabis grower, reveals his methods for taking the cannabis plant and cultivating it into a cannabis tree.

Grow container cannabis

Plastic Containers: A plastic plant pot is a much cheaper option. The holes in the bottom are perfect for drainage. However, you need to be wary of temperature fluctuations.

Indoor growing requires some special know-how. You must know how to control the lighting and temperature so that your cannabis plant thrives. You also have to deliver the right nutrients.

Choose the Right Pot and Growing Medium

You can quite easily run a small growing operation using container gardening.

Don’t Re-Use Potting Soil: Although you might think you’re recycling by using your potting mix again, it’s not a good idea. First of all, all the soil nutrients are gone because the previous crop has used them. Secondly, plant pathogens can lurk in the soil, damaging your new crop.

Become Skilled in Indoor Growing

Terracotta Containers: When you think of a traditional plant pot, you probably think of a terracotta, or ceramic, container. These provide excellent temperature control but may struggle with airflow and drainage. They’re also heavy and can only hold one plant.

Grow container cannabis

Regular Watering Stage

Some growers start their seedlings or clones in a bigger pot, or even the final container they plan to use. While this can slow down growth of young seedlings, you can minimize this effect by watering young plants correctly when they’re started in a too-big container.

Final Size Container for Desired Plant Size – General guide

Using bottled nutrients gets the nutrients to your plant faster (which equals faster growth), but it also means you are in charge of managing the pH.

Can sometimes lead to root or nutrient problems since stagnant water can sit at the bottom of the container and any nutrient buildup never gets rinsed out

3-5 gallon container

What do marijuana roots want?

Most regular plant containers come with a matching saucer. These are placed under the plant and catch the runoff water for each individual plant.

The answers are contained in the roots of your cannabis plants. The idea behind choosing the right container is to pick one that is going to provide the best possible environment for your cannabis roots. Your roots are like the “heart” of your of your cannabis plant. They need to be healthy for your plant to get nutrients and grow.