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gro lux lights for growing weed

Gro lux lights for growing weed

You can grow marijuana under flo’s, but growth will be slow and you’ll only get 1/3 the yield vs. HPS.

Marijuana requires 6,000 lumens (at least) per sq/ft. for optimum growth. Watts & lumens are usually printed on each bulb and/or the package they come in.
Flo’s emit 75 lumens per watt, so 4 x 40 x75 =12,000, or enough for 2 sq/ft.
(HPS kicks out 125 lumens per watt).

You get a freebie here Ferg, after this you’re gonna have to read a grow book.

this is my first grow and im trying to make it to the harvest with this one. i need to know if 2- 4 foot 40W fluorescent wide spectrum lights going to grow 4 plants? or do i need to get some new lights? and also is a grow box that is 4 1/2 foot tall and 2 1/2 foot wide going to fit 4 fully grown plants inside of it?


You only gave 2 diminsions of your grow box. If it’s 2.5′ x 2.5′, your only gonna be able to get 2 pot plants in there. Have you ever seen a pot plant?
Good luck getting 4′ flo’s in there.

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Gro lux lights for growing weed

The visible spectrum of this lamp is stronger in the red but also having yellow and orange tones thus producing certain effects on plants as:

APPLICATION: All types of indoor growings.


Only +18. We do not sell cannabis seeds to any customers who we suspect intend to use them to cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal to do so. Cannabis seeds are sold only strictly as souvenirs or collectibles and they are illegal to germinate in most countries. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All texts are registered in Safe Creative.

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