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granny mac seeds

Granny mac seeds

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GMO aka Garlic Cookies

Granny mac seeds

Taking to mind the aforementioned tips, the Granny Mac comes with an average THC that ranges between 15-17% with the possibility of attaining 20% THC as evident in some dispensaries. Furthermore, CBD stands at less than 1%.

Taking to mind the fact that a wide array of cannabis strains strive best when cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, the Granny Max strives in all three conditions. Making it cable of surviving and striving in the aforementioned conditions sandwiched with a flowering scheduled for approximately 9-10 weeks.



Taste and Flavors

As it is the case with a wide array of strains, the Granny Mac was able to see the light of day thanks to the contributions of a master breeder known simply as the Capulator. And of course thanks to the crossing of the Colombian as well as the MAC cannabis strains.

Ideal for the very many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts of the hybrid niche, the Granny Mac strain is a must-have for cannabis lovers in dire need of a super heavy flavor and high. The Granny Mac comes with mouthwateringly hard-hitting effects, one that is potent and strong enough to leave you feeling happy, creative, uplifted, the moment you light one up. All of which is accompanied by a relaxation only accustomed to the Granny Mac, saturates your very being while leaving your body and mind in a calm state without care or pain in the world.

What should I run first?

The man the myth the legend, Cannabis king of Compton, I follow him on IG and homie is too cool so I had too. There was a mix up on my first order and instead of sending me the 5 mix ups he threw in a shit ton of extra packs of probable fire so we will see soon enough.

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