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good cfl lights growing weed

Good cfl lights growing weed

Unlike high-intensity discharge (HID) lights that are often used to grow cannabis, CFL bulbs don’t need special fixtures or setups — they will screw into any lamp you already have for incandescent bulbs. This — combined with the fact that they don’t generate a ton of heat — makes CFL bulbs good for small grow spaces. CFLs also come in a variety of temperatures, meaning you can adjust to the plant’s need in the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

To summarize the pros of CFL bulbs, they are:

The pros of CFL bulbs

CFL cons include that they:

Speaking of LEDs, which is better? LED lights have quickly become quite popular with indoor cannabis growers, and with indoor gardeners in general. Aside from being useful in growing devil’s lettuce, LED lights can be useful in growing regular lettuce, along with kale, herbs, and other consumable plants.

The cons of CFL bulbs

Whether you’re a minimalist just looking to grow some cannabis in your window or an enthusiast looking to invest in a more fleshed-out system, chances are you already know how important light is for your plants. (And if you don’t, the answer is very!)

Good cfl lights growing weed

Don’t do what I did; never grow on carpet! Always put something down to catch spills!

Plant Training – Don’t skip at least basic plant training since it’s extra important for getting good yields with CFLs!

You will need light (CFLs), a place to grow, nutrients and a few other supplies to get started growing cannabis with CFLs.