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Global Green CBD Reviews

How dare you threatened to sue me for defamation if I don’t take down my review. Then you were trying to call me through Facebook messenger Wow.. If I got the wrong company my bad but threatening me won’t get me to remove anything. And calling me was real ridiculous.

Date of experience : December 24, 2021

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

I have been using their products for…

I have been using their products for years I have fibromyalgia an arthritis in fingers an right shoulder blade, I can’t say enough good things about their products from their balm,to the vape,to the drops all keeps the pain bearable such a ligit company. I have been with many dodgy company’s. these are the professionals if you worried about buying don’t, a m in 24/7 pain an this stuff makes life bearable x

Date of experience : December 06, 2021

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They are nothing but a rip off

They are nothing but a rip off. Buried in their terms and conditions they state that the $6.85 is not the actual price. And, you will automatically be enrolled in a subscription service if you don’t request it cancelled. The real price? Almost $90 each for the oil and the gummies, which they send without consent. So they make $180+ off of each person they sucker into their scheme, more if it isn’t caught in time.

Date of experience : August 30, 2021

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Date of experience : August 30, 2021

Does Snoop Dog really promote your…

Does Snoop Dog really promote your product I brought your oil and never recieved my product. I believe your all scammers and dont ask me to take down my review. DO NOT BUY

Date of experience : July 14, 2021

Reply from Global Green CBD

We are based in the Uk and have no association with snoop dogg, let alone scam people. We have had over 1000 people contact us thinking that the company in America scamming people is us when it clearly isn’t. Please contact your bank and cancel all payments to the company you have purchased from and report them to your local authorities. Please look into the site you purchased from and you will see it isn’t our site. Please remove this bad review from our site. If you need to speak to me on the phone for any help I can provide you with to take this company down please do so. 07702764660 Kind Regards, John Henry McNamara

Global Green CBD oil has changed my life

Global Green CBD oil has changed my life ,having arthritis in my back and having to lift my son who has cerabal palsy was meaning I was constantly in serve pain every day . Since starting on the 1500mg CBD 150mg CBG I am better and my pain is more manageable. The CBD oil is fantastic for anxiety and I feel much better when I am using it. I also use the vitamin D oil which has definitely gave me more energy, from being indoors more since the pandemic. The CBD tropical Balm is great and my mum uses it a lot in her knees for her arthritis. Fantastic service and quick delivery, dad John and John are very knowledgeable and always happy to help in anyway. Thank you Emma

Date of experience : March 18, 2021

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Global Green products highly recommended

Global Green products are the best that I have used. Their CBD oils are of the highest quality, which my son who has autism uses. He has also just started to use the vitamin D oil and we have noticed a huge improvement in his wellbeing and has more positive energy. I and my my mum also use the CBD balm and for my mum who has arthritis it has made a big difference and has eased the pain. I would highly recommend Global Green

Date of experience : January 26, 2021

Can you mix the drops with another liquid?

Can you mix the liquid with another beverage such as lemonade or chocolate milk. I think it is working but has only been a few days so it might be wishful thinking. I don’t know. Would like to mix the drops with another beverage or does that limit the effectiveness.

Date of experience : June 26, 2020

Amazing products

Amazing products, we have the balm, vape and the vitamins for adults and children I would highly recommend these products and company

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

Absolutely amazing products fast…

Absolutely amazing products fast delivery and have help me so much with sleeping and leg cramps can’t wait to purchase the kids vitamin drops

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

Great products and great staff

Great products and great staff. Cannot recommend this company and its products enough. The balm works great for arthritis Never been let down on availibility or delivery. Keep up the good work

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

Five star experience for me and my…

Five star experience for me and my husband. I have used both the oil and the balm and the balm has made a huge difference to my life reducing the redness and soreness of a scar I had from surgery last year!! Thank you global green for helping me feel confident again.

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

This CBD oil has changed my life

This CBD oil has changed my life. I suffer with bad anxiety, poor sleep aching joints. After a few doses I was sleeping through, I didn’t have any pain!
Honestly would recommend this product to anyone! It’s like no other CBD oil I have tried before. Customer service is 2nd to none!

Thank you so much global green!!

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

I have been using this CBD for over a…

I have been using this CBD for over a year now and can honestly say it has been the best decision I made to begin taking it, I have suffered from anxiety for many years and this has helped me so much.

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

The Best cbd products

The Best cbd products , best customer service and affordable prices , winner

Date of experience : June 15, 2020

6 Stars

I wish you had an option for 6 stars.

I have placed a number of orders now, the last order was hand delivered in less than two hours.

Products are great quality and their range is fantastic.

Customer service is also excellent, staff are friendly, helpful and respond to emails quickly.

Global green really do go above and beyond for their customers I can not rate them highly enough.

Date of experience : June 10, 2020

Best CBD on the market

Date of experience : May 06, 2020

Bit on the free sample add and paid…

Bit on the free sample add and paid shipping. Did not get a notice or any info saying that they now were going to ship to me every month and charge me hundreds of dollars. I will not pay another cent for something I don’t want. I am an old man on limited income and would never pay $200 a month for anything other than essentials. People beware of any company that would need to do business in this manner. This review will not post because they make you agree to the contents of their terms and conditions which if read will take you the rest of your day to read.

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Date of experience : February 18, 2020

Reply from Global Green CBD

Sorry to hear this pat. This company in America has been scamming a large number of people using the name get global green cbd and this is not us. We have a lawyer pursuing them at the moment. We offer the best customer service and would never Scam any of our customers. If you would like to contact us via phone call, you can get the number of our website

John Henry McNamara

We would appreciate it if you removed this bad review please Pat, now you know it’s not our company that scammed you.

I have tried the 1000mg bottle

I have tried the 1000mg bottle.
My order arrived so fast to Ireland. I was so surprised and delighted.I have been using the product for almost a week now and I can honestly say I am loving it. The taste is very light it is very easy to use the dropper I take 3 drops before bed and I sleep 8 hours or more. I take the oil to help with sleeping and the after-effects of chemo which are mostly some nerve ending pain nothing major and bone pain.
I will be back for more and have recommended the product and company to friends and family. I had asked questions before my purchase through messenger and I had l real-time replies .. 5-star product 5-star service from me. Thank you

Date of experience : September 03, 2018

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Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

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About Global Green CBD

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We are a British premium CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil manufacturer and retailer. We pride ourselves on providing nothing less than the absolute best products on the market. Tried and tested for years, we are proud to be helping even more people to access what they need.


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Global Green CBD Oil Reviews

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This stuff is amazing!

“I am so happy, I suffer fibromyalgia, ME (Cfs) and anxiety and stress I Have been so poorly over lockdown and my body has felt terrible. I got some of the cbd oil and have been on them 10 days now I feel normal and like me again”

Georgie O – 2022

Best on the Market

“I’ve tried so many different CBD companies over time nothing I have found has the quality of Global Green. They have complete confidence in their product, and are the most knowledgable I’ve encountered.”

Love it so much

“I feel the effects in just an hour My mood improves, anxiety drops and stress becomes a faded memory. I can step outside the front door with my head up, knowing I can take on anything.”

Moving Like Butter

“I move like I’m a 25 year old again! After testing a lot of oils, and a lot of options, nothing has really helped my joints in years. But just a couple of weeks of keeping a new routine with oil and I’m moving a s smooth as butter. or oil!”

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George E-W – 2021

Good All-Rounder

“Global Green Oils iare simply excellent. A broad-spectrum, THC-free, premium CBD oil that’s available over the counter, tastes great and is backed by honest and effective knowledge. which is rare.”

Love it so much

“The oil itself is exceptional, with a true un-contaminated flavour that sinks in and kicks in fast. Trustworthy, receptive, with a good product; there’s a lot of reasons to try Global Green. Probably the best I’ve tried in the UK.”

Why Global Green?

CBD is the acronym for “Cannabidiol” – it’s one of the most commonly known active ingredients found in the hemp plant (amongst 113 others).

Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), your mental state will remain untainted while using it, as it’s a non-psychoactive compound.

There are millions of UK consumers counting on CBD oil – with each person having their own reasons for using it.

Global Green CBD was founded in with a goal to provide quality CBD with ethical practices not often found in the industry. Creating potent, high quality CBD products. By paying attention to the smallest details and creating our own formulation methods, we can not only produce high-quality CBD products, but also responsibly promote the use of CBD.

Choosing a product can often come down to a question of personal taste:

● CBD Oil drops are a good way to build up or control dosage

● CBD Capsules avoid the sometimes strong hemp taste

● CBD Balms allow you to add CBD topically to a specific area

● CBD Vapes allow for Users then inhale the vapour into their lungs, where the CBD is infused into the bloodstream. This can be one of the most effective ways to absorb CBD. It offers a good alternative for people who have problems swallowing.

● CBD Shots allow your CBD to fit into your normal routines. They can be added to hot or cold drinks easily and become part of your daily wellbeing.

If you’re still finding it difficult or intimidating to navigate the world of CBD oil, why not speak to one of our customer service team members via email or instagram?

While they can’t give you any advice for specific health conditions, they can explain the differences between our products and help you come to a conclusion about which CBD oil is best for you.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis and hemp. The World Health Organisation states that it is “not associated with abuse potential.” and does not induce physical dependence. The WHO also wrote that, unlike THC, people dont’ getting high off of CBD.

We use only Organically Grown, Premium quality raw ingredients to create any of our products. Everything we create is made to the highest standards in a purpose built facility.

We strive to test each individual batch, through the use of state-of-the-art extraction technology, as well as maintaining a team of superb technicians of the same mindset.

Together we work to uphold the name and ethics of Global Green for consistent products every time.

Every product that leaves our facility is quality checked with our stamp of approval. All our products have been tested by third party laboratories.

As required by legislation, we make no medical claims about CBD.

CBD is a popular remedy for a range of symptoms, CBD is reported to reduce stress and help you find your calm.

CBD interacts with the ECS (Endocannabinoid system), a network of cells that plays an important role in helping us find balance, from stress and sleep to pain, inflammation and our immune system. When your ECS is in balance, you can feel less anxious or stressed and more productive.

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