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ghetto weed grow

Ghetto weed grow

Sorry man, don’t believe me if you want too. keep trying to grow that thing and you will see I am right.

This made me laugh, I’m sorry.
You’re right, that is ONE of the most ghetto grow rooms I’ve ever seen.


Invest in a better light, and maybe a better grow box (laughed at the staples on the paper) and try again.

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edit: were also jacking this mans thread, so start a new one if you want to know how to upload pics.

22 апр. 2021 в 23:17

ok, i’ll look for that. Yow, their shop was as dirty as mine. Didn’t look like any upgrades. I don’t have time to search PC for all my options yet. I just got a open/closed sign, but I hate to close. Customers forget you when you close with no night time I figure?

Looks like I’m level 5 in the top left corner.

I’m using 2 Ghetto Set-ups with 4 pots loaded. When I try to add another Ghetto Set-up, it says I’m full. Yet I see streams with 4 Ghetto Set-ups/ 8 Pots with what looks the same backroom I have. No upgrades yet.

22 апр. 2021 в 18:58

Yet, I can put all I want in the floor.

A "pause" button would be nice so I could search all my options. Or have the time to place a proper order somehow. I know, it’s early access with an update every day.

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