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gas face seeds

Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth (Puero)

Macroptilium lathyroides(DC) Urb. (phasey bean)

Description of the seeds

Calopo is a short-lived, vigorous trailing perennial which will climb over any vegetation to form a dense mat of foliage. It seeds freely and regenerates naturally from seed.

The results of the experiments were analysed using the “Fitcurve” macro (Chen 1995, IFRU, The Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, UK, Unpublished) for Microsoft Excel. The program is a utility for processing data of feed degradability or in vitro gas production; it fits the data to the exponential equation p=a+b(1-e -ct ) developed by Ørskov and McDonald (1979). For degradability characteristics, p is the percentage degraded at time t, a is the intercept of the line at time zero (or the soluble fraction), b is the insoluble but degradable fraction, therefore a+b is the potential degradability and c is the rate of degradation. Another method is to use A as the solubility, B as the insoluble but fermentable fraction (B=(a+b)-A). For in vitro gas production, the data is fitted to the same equation, p is the volume of gas produced at time t, a is the intercept of the line at time zero, b is the potential gas production and c is the rate constant (�rskov and Ryle 1990).


Protozoal activity was measured by the breakdown of [ 14 C]leucine-labelled Selenomonas ruminantium in vitro as described by Wallace and McPherson (1987). Rumen fluid was obtained 2 h after feeding from three mature rumen cannulated Dorset-cross sheep receiving 1 kg/d of a mixed diet of grass hay, barley, molasses, white fish meal and a mineral and vitamin mixture (500, 300, 100, 95 and 5 g/kg fresh weight). Rumen fluid was strained through two layers of muslin and pre-incubated at 39 o C with the seeds at 0.5, 1 or 5 g/litre for 1 h before adding Selenomonas ruminantium. Unlabelled L-leucine was included in all incubations at a final concentration of 5 mmol/litre to prevent re-incorporation of released [ 14 C]leucine. When screening seeds for antiprotozoal activity, it was not possible to test all seeds with the same batch of rumen fluid from each sheep in a single day. Thus different seeds were tested on different days using rumen fluid with slightly different protozoa populations and hence different control activities.

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Gas face seeds

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Gas Face is a weed strain . Reviewers on Leafly say this strain makes them feel uplifted, creative, and relaxed. Gas Face has 26% THC and 1% CBG. The dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene. If you've smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Gas Face, before let us know! Leave a review.

Gas Face effects

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