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fruit ambrosia seeds

Fruit ambrosia seeds

85 days. The Ambrosia Hybrid variety of cantaloupe is a large melon with a sweet taste. The vine produces melons that reach maturity in eighty five days. These seeds do best with full sun, in zones three to nine. Rich, sandy soil is preferable. Recommended by USU. This locally favored cantaloupe has thick, peach-colored flesh with a small seed cavity. 6 inch melons have outstanding flavor. Resistant to Powdery Mildew.

Growing Ambrosia Hybrid Cantaloupe Melon Garden Seeds

The Ambrosia Hybrid cantaloupe does well when seeds are initially sown indoors and transplanted outside after two to four weeks. The seedlings need to be in an area with full sun, after the final threat of frost has passed. In climates that become warm early, feel free to start the seeds outside. Before sowing the seeds, loosen the soil with a pitch fork and add some compost. The soil should be rich and sandy for these melons to thrive. Sow seeds half an inch deep in the soil. Keep the plants two to three inches apart and the rows four to six feet apart. Water the vines 1-2” of water each week, making sure to water them as close to the soil as possible, so that they don’t accumulate diseases. When watching the vine grow large melons, it can be beneficial to pinch off smaller melons as well as flowers. This will help the larger melons grow fuller as well as faster. The melons are ready for harvest after around 85 days. To be sure that they are fully mature, check to see if they come easily off of the vine. They should be turning golden as well.

Growing Directions:

Read this article by Live Science about the nutritional value of cantaloupe.

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