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frosted garlic margy seeds

Frosted garlic margy seeds

I’d rather have that fruitsnax x orgi, sounds a lot better than garlic and margaritas.

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I looked at my packs, it is frozen margy. I bet every stage of that project had some sickness lurking in good numbers.


And it sounds like the Frozen Margy has great potential and something I may have otherwise overlooked.

Frosted garlic margy seeds

Im gonna be running a couple sticky sunset’s as soon as i finish setting up the new spot. Hoping to find a keeper with that GG4 lineage.

Cherry Strudel just has that pungent, acrid kinda thing to it. Hits more like Chem than a fruity strain. Was almost white with frost as well. I "like" it. but i was hopin for cherry cough drops.
Blueberry Sundae is blueberry dank. like the Chemberry/Chem Urkle of the past. Good mixed terps but again. more Chem than BB.
Chocolope sundae has a slight cantaloupe smell. Hard to pin down the smoke. Not Choco. but there’s a bottom end there that’s nice/different. Not cookies but has more dessert taste than any other. Makes kill rosin.

So it’s not exactly that I didn’t like them, just that they weren’t anything special. The Sundae Sunset, for example, was super leafy and an absolute bitch to trim. The Kitchen Sink was fluffy and overall just kind of meh.


I had started a grow journal a while back at the other forum, but abandoned it when I left. I was growing some Cannarado stuff. The only worthwhile one was Nilla Wafer.

I think theres a forum member on here. could of been reddit. that had a great run of kitchen sink.


you can tell its super sticky from the pic. Always feels almost like velvet as you rip pieces off. Hows the smell?> Had a batch last year that smelled and tasted like straight confetti cake.

So I’ll run them again and try to do them justice when I do. I’m sure I’ll have a better report when that happens.