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foxxhole seeds

Foxxhole seeds

Nestled in NE Portland, Wicked Kind takes full advantage of automation to ensure that the needs of their plants are met on a regular basis. Laughlin is always looking ahead — he’s even working with a company testing a computer prototype that looks like a wall out of Star Trek with buttons, knobs and screens galore. The futuristic contraption monitors the input and output of each and every plant. The idea is that this system will control foliar feeding and the watering of each cannabis specimen.

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Saint Laughlin is an East Coast transplant, drawn by Oregon’s cannabis industry. He and his wife Kate invested their life savings into a farm, Wicked Kind, out of a desire to produce bud reminiscent of their Grateful Dead fan days, when everyone coveted the “super, sticky, stinky bud” passed around the parking lots. Years of 20-hour days and two children later, Laughlin has created a business that speaks to his beliefs, as well as top notch cannabis. Laughlin’s roles of father and business owner are juxtaposed throughout the farm: his office has framed family photos and messages of kindness are spread throughout the offices and the gardens on signs, pillows, and merchandise.

Wicked Kind strains can be found in 37 dispensaries statewide, from Oregon’s deserts to its beaches. Laughlin is especially proud of his Mac Line, including Mac & Cheese, Bernie Mac, Orange Cookies crossed with Mac and Sunset Mac. His Mac-1 was the 2018 DOPE Cup winner for Best Indoor Hybrid. A new addition to his array of strains includes Foxxhole, a cross of Miracle Cookies, Sunset Sherbert, Super Lemon Haze and Orange Apricot, bred by Capulator. Laughlin uses cutting edge techniques and years of growing knowledge to produce genetics with high THC, as well as potent CBD strains with diverse terpene profiles. More proof of Wicked Kind’s status as an impressive producer is WK’s Alien Rock Candy Strain, which won the 2018 DOPE Cup Award, testing in at 34 percent THC.

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Foxx told the Press Association: “He sought me out, came to my house, he slept on my couch for, like, about a few weeks.

June 15 2017 07:42 AM

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Foxx, speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of Baby Driver, said he has also put up musicians such as rapper Nick Cannon and Ne-Yo.