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florida og seeds

Florida og seeds

Florida OG from the GYO Seed Bank is the OG Kush strain from the US East Coast. This is your chance to grow the original Crippy clone in the form of feminised seeds, a must for any fan of the OG Kush family, being one of the first OG Kush lines, famed for its original character.

Its harvest is typical of an OG, although by optimising our grow, we can obtain really heavy yields, reaching 600g per m2 with cultivation techniques like SOG (Sea of Green). In indoor grows, you’ll be able to harvest a crop of premium quality buds after after 9 weeks flowering.

Its growth is vigorous and its leaves are large, thick and dark, giving a beautiful appearance to our plants, which will get even more attractive once in bloom.

Florida OG is derived from the classic “clone-only” strain that is also known as Crippy or Ocean Grown. All OG Kush crosses are based on this original cutting. You’ve tried the rest now try the best.

Florida OG is claimed by DNA Genetics to be the perfect strain for your personal stash. The only quality that is missing is very high yields although harvests are by no means low. It is vigorous in veg, has a good structure that balances yield and openness and also has a wonderful aroma and flavour. Plants will double in height during flowering. A 70% indica strain she finishes flowering in 8 weeks and produces between 400 – 500 gr/m 2 . Experienced growers who are prepared to put in the effort may well be able to produce better yields than these figures would suggest especially if using the super-cropping method of tying plants down to increase vertical bud growth.

The aroma is very complex and includes sweet, tropical fruit flavours with some citrus and pine noticeable along with some earthy notes. The overall effect is more in the body than the head and proves to be very relaxing. If you want the original of all the OG Kush strains out there then this is it!