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flora grow chart for weed

Flora grow chart for weed

Those using coco coir and/or reverse osmosis water will want to add a calcium/magnesium (cal-mag) supplement to make up for the lack of it in your water. Growers using tap water often have enough calcium/magnesium in their water already, but it’s a good idea to add it if you know you live in an area with soft (more pure) water.

As far as other supplements, you’ll see that the charts below from GH recommend a few of them. While we’re sure they have their merits, we don’t recommend using any of the ones listed unless you’ve tried this line already and want to experiment. From our experience, we’re sure you’ll get the results you’re looking for without having to add even more bottles to your nutrient line-up.

Alright, now let’s get to how to actually use the stuff!

What Is General Hydroponics Flora Trio

Recirculating Nutrient Schedule for Hydroponics/DWC

General Hydroponics (like most if not all nutrient companies) try to sell their base nutrients with a bunch of other supplements, but using just the Flora trio’s three bottles (and optionally CaliMagic) will do everything you need in addition to saving money. We’re going to show you how to do it!

The Flora Trio is three bottles (Grow, Micro and Bloom) which are combined in different ratios depending on your plant’s stage of maturity. CaliMagic is a Cal-Mag supplement, which supports optimal cannabis growth and prevents calcium deficiencies (most common when growing in coco or using filtered water).

Important: Flora trio is a great nutrient system, but as long as your plant gets all necessary nutrients, the genetics, care, and growing environment affect bud quality more than the particular nutrient brand.

Soil plants (autoflowering) grown with Flora trio

Now for the standard instructions!

Flora grow chart for weed

RapidStart is a root stimulator that promotes vigorous and healthier roots which results in faster growth, and bigger and better yields. This product can be used in all types of substrates such as pre-amended soil (or soilless mixes), coco, and hydroponic setups.

Apart from the denser flowers provided by the Liquid Koolbloom, Dry KoolBloom enhances the terpenes and cannabinoid production while promoting a faster ripening.

FloraKleen (Flush)

Now that you know what the base products and supplements contain and provide to your plants, here’s a feeding chart for experienced cultivators growing photoperiodics.

FloraGro stimulates structural and vegetative growth, strengthening roots, and providing most of the nitrogen, potassium, and secondary minerals in the Flora Series line.

Dry KoolBloom (Ripening)

This is a product designed to accelerate nutrient absorption through a natural process called chelation, this works by grabbing immobile minerals and transporting them into the roots and plant tissue for faster and bigger growth.