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fire fly seeds

Fire fly seeds

Very pleasant sweet creamy beefsteak flesh with only a subtle touch of acid.
The texture is very high quality, juicy melting as kind.

Depp's Pink Firefly

Large pink beefsteak fruits from 180 to 500 gr with pale zones and yellow shoulders, hence the name Firefly (firefly).
Sometimes round and smooth and sometimes light ribbed at the top.

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An old American family heirloom first presented to the public in 1890.
Named after Emily Depp Coy whose family bred this heirloom for almost a century in Glasgow, Kentucky, USA.

Indeterminate with potato leaves. Decent yields in the second half of the season.
80 to 85 days.

Fire fly seeds

Heuchera Coral Bells are vigorous and produce many stems with delicate flowers. This variety makes an excellent border plant with its nearly evergreen foliage in neat clumps. Bright flowers are held aloft on airy stems in May through July. Can be used in a shady courtyard pot or as a ground cover under deciduous trees. Avoid dry soil with full sun. Coral Bells make a good cut flower and a nice addition to any arrangement.

Heuchera (Heuchera Sanguinea Firefly) – Heuchera Firefly, also known as Coral Bells Firefly, has nodding red bell-shaped flowers. Grow this popular perennial from Heuchera seeds, and enjoy its nearly evergreen foliage as well as its blooms. It is a western wildflower that has been bred and improved to give us one of our most popular garden perennials. The bright red flowers are held high on long thin wands over the tidy mounds of scalloped foliage. Coral Bells plants are heavy blooming in well-drained, compost enriched soil, flowering is prolonged by deadheading of faded flowering spikes. Best in part sun and shade in hot climates, but will do well in full sun at higher altitudes with cooler summer weather. Water regularly for the best show of flowers.

Many gardeners recommend that Coral Bells seeds be stratified, which means that they must be refrigerated and put through a cold period lasting several weeks. Once the flower seed has been refrigerated for several weeks, it can be sown indoors 6 – 8 weeks before the last frost. Using quality starter mix and starter trays, sow Heuchera seeds into cells, pressing the flower seeds into the soil. Keep Heuchera Sanguinea seed moist. When temperature are consistently warm outdoors and danger of frost has passed, young Heuchera seedlings can be hardened off and moved outdoors.