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erdpurt seeds

Erdpurt seeds

This Erdpurt x Friesland cross is an intensely hardy plant that will never fall whatever the wind or bad weather. Superb resistance to disease and mold.

Friesland (M33) is an outstanding Dutch inbred hybrid. This cross of Friesland with the Swiss Erdpurt line has created an outdoor variety that’s sure to handle any harsh northern climate or elevation. The original Friesland listing describes the plant as follows:

With multi-coloured leaves, stems, and buds, it’s also an outstanding ornamental.

“Huge plants with lots of side-branches which carry a load of smelly, stinky buds. Cold resistant. Under ideal conditions, you can harvest two pounds of buds. Very suitable for outdoor growing in the northern states. Harvest the third week of September.”

Erdpurt was bred in the Swiss Alps over many generations, It’s a typically structured Afghan plant but with very high tolerance for bad weather. Erdpurt exhibits beautiful red and purple colours and has great bag appeal. ACE Seeds describes Erdpurt as follows:

Not to be confused with ‘Freezeland’, which is a Friesland cross.

Intense aromas with earthy undertones that are enhanced by a long cure. Think freshly roasted coffee and strawberry or blackberry pie fragrances.

“Classic Swiss genetics designed for northern outdoors and greenhouse, but does well indoor as well and produces nice in southern parts also. Sometimes shows semi auto traits grown under 45N lat.”

Erdpurt seeds

Ace Seeds present Erdpurt, a super-fast flowering, 100% Indica Afghan hybrid offering beautiful colours, fruity, hashy flavours and high levels of CBD, now available as feminised seeds in our online grow shop here at!

Erdpurt – Classic Afghani with high CBD

Erdpurt grows with typically Afghan structure: columnar with very little branching, thick, sturdy stems, and large, wide leaves. Its stocky build and low stature mean it can withstand high winds without breaking orfalling over. It is highly resistant to the cold and has good resistance to pests and mould, although the flowers can sometimes become so dense that they fall prey to botrytis. Using a good organic fungicide is recommended in high-humidity situations.

A tough Indica for tough situations

It’s an ideal variety for a SOG (Sea of Green) grow or it can be given a long growth period to maximise yields, in which case it is recommended to use pruning and training techniques to create a more bushy structure. Erdpurt flowers very quickly and is ready to harvest outdoors between late August and early September, or after 7-8 weeks indoors, producing medium yields.