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You can Buy Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds from us for growing dwarf cannabis plants. High Seeds Germination Guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Royal Dwarf Auto Strain > Royal Queen Seeds ▷ Autoflowering cannabis seed | Sativa | THC 10-15% ✅ | Yield L | Buy cheap, safe & anonymous in the store ✅. Buy Dutch Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Fast and Discrete shipping – Dutch Dwarf is the smallest autoflower available on the market.

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Get the best cannabis seeds you can grow indoors even if you live in a small apartment or dorm with dwarf auto-fem seeds. Our dwarf auto-fem seeds are among the finest strains, the best quality strains, ready to grow indoors. Choose from our large collection of dwarf auto-fem seeds perfect for recreational or medicinal growers. You can get these seeds at the most affordable price when you take advantage of our free shipping and free seeds for qualified orders.

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Royal Dwarf strain

The Royal Dwarf Strain has a similar genetic background to Royal Queen Seeds’ Easy Bud, but is a Skunk cross to create a new feminized, self-flowering variety. Royal Queen seeds has named this bonsai-like self-flowering variety Royal Dwarf.

The cannabis plant grows very compact with dense buds, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor growing in confined spaces. It is a blend of some of the best self-flowering strains, crossed with an exceptional female Skunk. This was then crossed back to the self flowering parent to give the amazing self flowering ability.

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Skunk gave her a different taste and a slightly higher yield than other self-flowering varieties. This compact plant can produce up to 80 grams per plant. Like almost all Skunk crosses, Royal Dwarf has a very strong aroma and hard, resin-covered buds. Small and powerful, the Royal Dwarf strain grows rapidly and reaches an average height of 40 to 70 cm. It is ripe for harvest in only 8 to 9 weeks. The effect is like the good old Skunk variety. It gives a mild, social high and a relaxing body stone.

Dutch Dwarf

Dutch Dwarf stays fairly small and is harvest-ready in about eight to nine weeks after germinating. Because she won’t grow very tall she is perfect to grow in small cupboards or small tents or closets. We’ve even had customers who grew her in an old PC case! Outside it will definitely take a bit longer before she is ready to harvest, so be ready to cut those beautiful sticky buds in twelve weeks or so.

Dutch Dwarf is probably the smallest autoflower available on the market. The yield will probably be a bit less than with other autoflower strains, but you can grow her on the tiniest places. Indoor she will grow up to 40 or maximum 70 cm (1’3-2’3 feet). Outdoor she’ll be about 60 – 100 cm (2-3 feet.) You can harvest up to 150-200 gr/m² indoor and outdoors, depending on the climate, about 30 – 70 gram per plant.

If you don’t have a lot of space and for all beginning growers this is the perfect solution. She’s small, she’s quick and still has a good result. The high is social, mild and relaxed. She won’t give you the ‘couch-lock’ so you are still able to visit your granny and she won’t notice it ;-).

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