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dream wedding seeds

Dream wedding seeds

What do you see? Here are a couple of questions to consider while everything is coming together in your head.

Step 2. Gather and Save Inspiration

A motif is the last flourish that can tie together the overall look of your wedding—it can show up anywhere from the invitation to the cake. It’s typically a pattern, shape or insignia that conveys your style (think: monogram, family crest, toile pattern or leaf icon). Whatever you choose should reinforce the mood you’re trying to create. Use your motif sparingly—three or four places max. Any more than that will feel forced or look too matchy-matchy.

Step 6. Master the Motif

The setting of your wedding can also dictate the vision—a beach wedding calls for a more laid-back vibe, while a ballroom may require a more classic and elegant wedding. And don’t forget about your own personal styles and the kind of atmosphere that best speaks to you two as a couple. Do you like hosting intimate dinner parties, getting decked out and partying until dawn, or throwing a low-key poolside picnic? Whatever you decide, you’ll want to carry your chosen formality through every aspect of your wedding, from the stationery to the parting favor.

Dream wedding seeds

This digital file will have your guests thinking you and your partner spent hours scouring old flea markets and antique stores looking for vintage seed packets. With over 17 designs in one digital download, you will add a vintage flair to your wedding favor.

These beautiful favors include the seeds and offer over 19 different designs! Pricing starts at a quantity of 15 and goes up from there with the potential to mix and match personalized designs. You can even gift these with mini terracotta pots as shown for a unique presentation.

This set includes 100 large heart-shaped seed paper with larkspur petals. The seed blend contains the following wildflower seeds: Snapdragon, Petunia, Beardtongue, Daisy, Thyme, Poppy, Foxglove, Catchfly, Maiden Pinks, Chamomile. The hearts can be planted directly into the ground.

Let Love Grow- Custom Seed Wedding Favors

If you are considering another type of seed altogether this adorable mini heart-shaped birdseed cake is a great alternative! Personalize your tag with your initials and wedding date and pick your string color and let your guests remember the love birds!

KayleighDuMond • $23 for a set of 20

Let Love Grow Seed Packets

Plantable seeds are a great way to give back to your loved ones and the planet. You and your partner can pick from seeds that have a special meaning to both of you. Maybe you would like to give seeds for the very first flower you received when you were dating. Perhaps your seeds can be something romantic like Forget-Me-Nots, Penstemon Wedding Bells, or Sweet Peas.

If you aren’t quite sure what to give as a wedding favor, we wanted to PLANT the idea of gifting your guests with seed packets. Spread your love and seeds with this eco-friendly and super sweet idea of providing your friends and family with personalized seed packets.