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does weed make your nails grow

Does weed make your nails grow

Skin: Whether you’re puffing on a cigarette or a joint, smoking is your skin’s nemesis. “Using a combustible model of marijuana produces molecules called hydrocarbons that have a slowing effect on fibroblasts, which are cells that live in the dermis and are responsible for creating new collagen,” Buka says. “As a result, you have collagen with less snap and turgor, which leads to sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.” Not pretty.

If you want to maximize your gorgeousness, you know it’s smart to work out regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of sleep. It turns out you can add marijuana to that list of hotness boosters.

Sulak also points out that patients who use weed tend to enjoy their food more and eat in a thoughtful manner — as opposed to housing a box of Annie’s mac and cheese. “Their enhanced pleasure while eating made it easier for them to choose healthy foods, chew slowly, focus on the taste, and consume smaller portions,” he says. What’s more, pot’s mood-boosting effect can prevent emotionally driven overeating.

Does weed make your nails grow

What made you finally try it after so long? If you don't mind my asking

Reason number 1: Had only tried for the first time previously at 28, and no one told me how strong it was or not to hot box an entire joint of said powerful weed like I was a Hoover vaccum taking hits of life giving nectar. Needless to say. way too high including hospital er trip major panic attacks and PTSD for years after thinking I was allergic to thc cause the er docs said I was. Now. my adult sons are experts at weed and have guided me like a seeing eye dog does for a blind man in New York City crosswalks in rush hour. Btw, it also makes me talk/type a lot. What Horrible side effects right. I mean too many aspirin or any actual DRUG over the counter, prescription or steet drug will KILL any human. Too much of weed and I wax philosophically for hours feeling like Einstein but sounding like Eddie Bravo and Patrice O'neals love child. I'll spare you reasons 2-100 like growing up during Nancy Reagans just say no era and actually believing the MK Ultra bs from the pharmaceutical company backed politicians telling me it was horrible and this is your brain on drugs, egg in pan commercials that constantly aired on Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s etc etc. Felt like I was smarter than other kids for not doing this "drug" but at the same time being too naive to see the trickery in that cannabis is not a drug, but a pure holistic herbal medicine gift from God to man. Curing depression and anxiety I've had for years. Giving me ambition and coming out of my safe space and comfort zone to get off the couch and do great things while enjoying life and my family. Helping with my chronic back and nerve issues that plagued me for a decade now. But it's a horrible drug. Jeff Sessions the former Attorney General said good people dont smoke marijuana. Guess he'd have me go back to the rage inducing, emotion dulling combination of Prozac and Opiate prescriptions. Sorry I know your question was why I waited so long to try it, and here I am crafting a long answer including what it does for me and why its great medicine and why I wont go back. DAMN side effects!! Sorry.

Yay! I just started a few years ago and I'm 41 now. It's crazy how long it took to get here.

Yes, we believed Nancy Reagan when she said weed was bad. (Ironically it actually lowkey kinda was compared to this shiznic we have out there now that has been worked on like it's the answer to global warming and hunger and all the worlds problems) maybe we dodged a bullet at 12 unlike all of our peers by NOT smoking that brown turd weed from south of the border Meh He Co. That stuff was fertilized with roundup. So maybe she was right all along. Either way 420 in 2020. wayyyyy better.

Short answer. yes, so I could grow finger nails again. So cannabis worst side effect so far is forgetting I have said fingernails now and scratching my ass or balls now and drawing blood. It's what I call weed related injuries.