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diamond master seeds

Diamond master seeds

What does Diamond Master taste like?

The taste of Diamond Master is like spicy citrus.

Where does Diamond Master come from?

Genetic Lineage

Diamond Master THC percentages average in the mid-teens with some batches reaping in just above 20%. Reviewers say that the Diamond Master strain makes them feel a bit tired, though relaxed both physically and mentally. They say this is a good strain to use at the end of a long day when it’s time to wind down.

Diamond Master weed is an indica-leaning hybrid with glittery trichomes reminiscent of diamonds. Its scent and taste are slightly spicy and citrusy, with effects that have been described by users as lethargic and good for the end of a hard day’s work.

Lab Data

The scent of Diamond Master is citrusy with hints of spices.

What effects does Diamond Master have?

They say a woman’s best friend is diamonds. But in the marijuana community, everyone should get a taste of Diamond OG Autoflowering marijuana seeds. The name alone is enough to entice you and draw you in, but just wait until you hear about the euphoric effects! Diamond OG Auto is said to be a long-lasting indica-dominant hybrid that feels very cheerful and uplifting. It starts off with a cerebral buzz that can immediately put you in a good mood.

The euphoria that comes from Diamond OG Auto is strong enough to last all day. Smoke a little bit of this stuff in the morning and you’ll be all set! Because of its mild THC content, Diamond OG is an attractive choice to all levels of smokers. It only carries about 17% THC. Novice smokers looking to try something stronger should have a lot of luck with this easygoing hybrid. This strain rarely comes with negative side effects.

The initial euphoric and uplifting buzz that comes from Diamond OG Autoflowering marijuana seeds is strong enough to last you all day. With THC levels around 17%, this indica hybrid is a great choice for novice users looking to try something stronger.


On the comedown of Diamond OG Auto, you may start to notice all the energy and cheerfulness start to simmer down into relaxation. It’s common for users to feel lazy and lethargic an hour or two after smoking. Diamond OG Autoflowering marijuana seeds also come with their own unique aroma that blends pine, woodsiness, and a smokiness. It may feel like you’re sitting around a fireplace out in nature.