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cookie face seeds

Cookie face seeds

Sour Face x Animal Cookies is a 60% Indica hybrid developed from two world-renowned US genetics.

On the other hand Animal Cookies male, used to pollinate Sour Face. This variety is also known as “the Cookies Monster“. It is only available in clone format, a very productive cookies genetics, with a great amount of resin and biscuit aromas (butter biscuits).

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, Sour, OG and Cookies lineage

On the one hand Sour Face (Sour Diesel x Face Off OG bx1), a strain representing the Sourdiesel family. It offers sour and petrol flavours, and a much shorter flowering period with tighter flowers and an easier cultivation than the original Sourdiesel. It is a very representative hybrid of the Sour and OG families, with great potency and a strong flavour.

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, sour fuel flavours and OG-cookie notes

Sour Face x Animal Cookies offers complex flavours and aromas, in a mix of Sour with petrol undertones combined with OG notes that blend with the characteristic Cookies family sweetness. It produces strong effects thanks to the power inherited from its parentals.

Animal Cookies is usually recommended to consumers who struggle with sleep issues or chronic pain. This strain is great at melting away stress and pain as it targets every single muscle. Just a little bit of this stuff will have you feeling comfortable, relaxed, and like you’re floating on a cloud. You may even be too relaxed to move, so be prepared to experience couch lock for a few hours. Animal Cookies is not the strain to get you up and moving.

Say goodbye to insomnia forever with Animal Cookies marijuana seeds by your side. The effects of this indica-leaning strain come on hard and fast, and before you know it, you’ll be passing out in front of the TV. You may not even be done coughing or clicking the lighter before the effects kick in. Because of its narcotic-like sensations, most consumers choose to smoke Animal Cookies only in the evenings when their busy day has come and gone. Animal Cookies brings on deep relaxation from head to toe and also clears the mind so you can fall asleep peacefully without any deadlines or chores on your mind.

Side effects of Animal Cookies include dry eyes, cottonmouth, and the munchies, so be prepared with eye drops and delicious snacks at home. The only downside to buying Animal Cookies marijuana seeds is that this strain can be challenging to grow. Therefore, it’s not recommended to beginners. Animal Cookies does better indoors and grows up to have bushy and horizontal branches.

Description: Animal Cookies will send you off the sleep in a flash with its narcotic-like effects. This indica-leaning strain can help treat insomnia and chronic pain — but watch out for the munchies.