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commercial cannabis growing california

The 58 California counties are currently updating and establishing local policies on Cannabis retail, manufacturing and cultivation laws with frequency, on nearly a daily basis. California counties are implementing new Medical Marijuana laws along with new Recreational Cannabis laws; it is important to be aware of how the winds of change affect your county. We are the premiere online resource committed to keeping this information recent, relevant and responsive.

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Our statewide map is devoted to the current County regulations and ordinances in the 58 Counties in the State of California under the MCRSA, pertaining only to the unincorporated areas in the counties .

Should you wish to obtain detailed information regarding the 482 localities and cities within these 58 counties, we invite you to contact CannaBusiness Law for expert assistance in compliance with cannabis licensing, permitting and the application process relating to commercial cannabis in California.

Commercial cannabis growing california

Currently, 53% of the 58 counties in California allow for commercial Medicinal/Adult-Use cannabis business operations.

There are 482 incorporated cities/towns in California ( The interactive map on our website highlights twenty-one (21) incorporated cities with the most robust commercial cannabis laws:

To find out more information about counties and cities in California that allow for commercial cannabis activity, check out our interactive map that includes specifical municipal code relevant to the county/city you are looking for