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city slicker seeds

City slicker seeds

”City slicker” is an expression meaningb someone accustomed to a city or urban lifestyle and unsuited to life in the country.

It was just prefect. It can end up knocking you out if you are tired.

Effects: Anti anxiety, anti depression, anti inflammatory, body easying, relaxing

Good for evenings, after work, with coffee or if you have anxiety.

I had a blunt with a friend while listening to a podcast facials unwinding after a couple of hard days.

The terpene profile makes the City Slicker strain smell like fresh lime and grapefruit due to myrcene and limonene. The linalool terpene adds rose and tobacco notes. There is also a slight skunky touch as a top layer.

The City Slicker strain is also renowned for its potency to alleviate symptoms of the following conditions:

Aroma, Flavor, and Main Terpenes

City Slicker is a 100% Indica strain bred by Motarebel Seeds. Actually, the name of this cannabis describes a person who is accustomed to a city lifestyle and unsuited for country life. This marijuana is rich in numerous cannabinoid compounds synthesized by the plant:

The strain’s ability to increase appetite can be a downside for some users and lead to excessive hunger, making it a side effect. Other possible negative reactions may include fatigue and slurred speech.

Common Effects of City Slicker

This cannabis features a boatload of therapeutic effects, making it a popular choice for both recreational and MMJ users. It increases sociability and gives smokers an energy boost, providing them with a creative and focused state of mind. Some consumers may get tingling sensations throughout the body, while in certain individuals, the weed can induce hunger. It shows the best results if consumed in the afternoon.

City slicker seeds

Often referred to as the “Larry Bird” pheno of the Gelato, the #33 started gaining popularity in the Bay as it has become a must-have for smokers with only the highest of standards. This special plant exemplifies everything Cookie fans desire in a dessert named strain with great flavor and unyielding potency. Adding the Gelato 33 to the Wild West Series is a no brainer considering the popularity Gelato 33 has gained. I introduce you to City Slicker (Gelato 33 x Stardawg)! In City Slicker we are combining the unbeatable qualities of the cookie lineage in Gelato with the iconic and consistent Stardawg father.

Gelato 33 x Stardawg

The deep magenta calyxes flecked by lime green spotting makes Gelato 33 a real treat to behold. A generous coating of white resin and bright orange hairs accent an already beautiful canvas creating the most photogenic cannabis on the planet. The spectacular colors will emerge as City Slicker begins to flush and will hold your attention day after day. After harvest and cure, the bag appeal of this variety is simply irresistible. The soft and sweet aroma and great coloring will make this a favorite in your garden. Have the hype in your garden with Greenpoint Seeds!

Hype Train Meets Consistent Out-performer