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cinderella 99 seeds

Cinderella 99 seeds

As we said, Cinderella 99 is potent. If you overindulge, get ready to freak out. One-hit-too-many may result in feelings of paranoia, so always start slow when consuming Cinderella 99 weed.

Once home, MrSoul decided to germinate the seeds. After a few weeks, each seed germinated into a vigorous specimen. To MrSoul’s amazement, one phenotype struck his eye — and nose.

• 13-17% THC
• Harvest: 8 Weeks
• Yield: 500g/㎡

However, if you plant Cinderella 99 early in the season and let it do its thing, you’ll be surprised by its vigor and spectacular growth. In most cases, growers choose to use the SOG or ScrOG method to cultivate Cinderella 99.

Medical Properties of Cinderella 99 Seeds:

However, you must take preventative precautions to ensure a healthy crop and yield. You must maintain optimal environmental conditions in the garden. Additionally, you must physically inspect your Cinderella 99 crop daily.

Cinderella 99 Seeds – Strain ID:

Here’s a list of medical issues that Cinderella 99 weed assists with:

Flowering Time:

Meet Cinderella 99 — a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s beyond legendary status among cannabis cultivators. If your garden needs an ultra-fast sativa-dominant hybrid that packs on the weight and packs a punch — C99 is it.

Lastly, the medium-size flowers are woven tightly and are impressively dense. Overall, Cinderella 99 is beyond top-shelf. If there’s one strain that deserves a place in your head stash — it’s Cinderella 99 weed.

Cinderella 99 seeds

Cindy 99 Marijuana Strain | C99 Seeds

Cindy 99 seeds are also known as Cinderella 99 or C99, and are one of the most popular amongst those who prefer an uplifting sativa glow, over a relaxed and sometime sedentary indica vibe. Cindy 99 is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, first developed by Mr Soul of Brothers Grimm who crossed Jack Herer with Shiva Skunk. With her sweet taste and pungent aroma, Cindy 99 weed is best known for her intimidating potency.

Cindy 99 Seeds | High THC Content

Feminized Cindy 99 cannabis seeds are ideal for the indoor home grower, growing into a short and busy plant, she is ideal for Sea of Green or SCROG growing which, in optimal conditions, will result in a high yield. The short flowering time is also a plus, as time to harvest is relatively short and you’ll only have to endure 48-56 days for delicious buds to be ready The Cinderella 99 strain also produce high THC content, and can vary from yield to yield, but samples from this very batch of seeds have been recorded as high as 23%.

Cindy 99 seeds produce an earthy taste with a hint of citrus and flowery after taste. Producing a level headed high, Cindy 99 weed is ideal for those who require a medicinal respite from feelings of depression or anxiety, as well as stress. The side effects are mostly in the way of a dry mouth or dry eyes, with very few people reporting effects such as paranoia or anxiety. This type of seed is also a great option for those suffering with fatigue, as the uplifting high can add an extra spark of energy to get you through the day.