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chocolate weed seeds

She produces uplifting cerebral effects leaving you feeling uplifted and motivated.

Medical cannabis users can reduce unwanted symptoms of depression, anxiety, and physical pain when consuming Double Chocolate.

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Canuk Seeds’ Double Chocolate has an impressive THC content between 21-26% and yields 400-450 g/m2 of chocolatey goodness.

With chocolate, coffee, and fruity notes, this Double Chocolate is one tasty feminized cannabis strain.

Chocolate weed seeds

Are you searching for cannabis strains that taste like chocolate? Aren’t we all! As an avid cannabis collector, you probably want to make sure your cannabis seed collection is full of exciting flavours and exotic marijuana genetics. If so, adding some chocolate tasting strains is of the utmost importance!

At Seed City we have plenty of popular chocolate tasting cannabis seeds available for you to choose from, including Gorilla Bomb, Cookies Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Chocolate Mint OG and Chocolope. Get your chocolate cannabis strain seeds from Seed City and be happy in the knowledge that you won’t find lower prices anywhere else online thanks to our price match guarantee.

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Gorrila Glue is one of top most potent strains reaching levels of 24% THC, this strain was originally created accidental but giving great results including a fa.

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