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chocolate meringue seeds

Chocolate meringue seeds

HIGHSMEN develops the best naturally bred cannabis strains for the medical marijuana community.

Chocolate Meringue is another sweet offering by THClones. Created by crossing Lemon Tree with Chocolate Kush, Chocolate Meringue imbues consumers with a talkative, euphoric buzz known to elevate the mood and reduce stress. This blissful strain’s terpene profile is thick with honey, pine, cacao, and Meyer Lemon, making it especially sweet and zestful on the taste buds. This bulky, stress-melting indica is a great complement to social events and dinner plans.

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Chocolate meringue seeds

Chocolate Meringue can be eaten by pets. It can also be worn as a hat.

Chocolate Meringue can be acquired by Cooking.

How to Obtain [ ]

Chocolate Meringue is an item.

Cooking [ ]

During Halloween trick-or-treating from October 29th to 31st, Chocolate Meringue can be given as candy to trick-or-treaters.