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chocolate grape disel seeds

At the hour mark I step outside. I don’t feel the surroundings are enhanced in any way. My brain is too “up” and focused and can’t really connect to the natural settings. The idea of going on a nice brisk walk is very appealing. Things start calming down and I’m not feeling tired on the way out.

What we know: There’s a good link out there that discusses the effects as functional and mellow, good for day-time productivity.

First Dose: Small dose (.040g smoked in a glass pipe – about one big hit, held in for 5 seconds)
After taking the hit I immediately started playing some retro video games. About 5 minutes in, I feel my head getting a bit buzzy. The next time I look at the timer, 30 minutes have gone by. Ha, so far I know this is an excellent strain for getting lost in playing video games. Overall I’m enjoying this. My brain is nicely stimulated and I’m pretty alert and focused. The cerebral nature could be anxiety-provoking to some, but it has got a mellow edge. I also have some nice full-body awareness. At the 45 minute mark I’m on my feet taking care of some cleaning tasks. This is definitely a good “do-stuff” kind of strain where you want your brain engaged in something. I’m not getting a very social feeling either.

Final Thoughts: This was definitely a nice cerebral and uplifting experience that puts some pep in your step while taking the edge off a bit. I suggest having some activities planned to keep the mind occupied.

Chocolate grape disel seeds

We exclusively use an OMRI approved Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Prior to harvest, we perform an extended flush of the plants.

Our custom-built vertical garden uses sustainable LED lighting and is located on an organic produce and equine facility near Portland, OR.

We carefully select phenotyped cultivars with unique terpenes profiles that offer exciting tastes and experiences.

Our water is well-drawn onsite from Bull Run and then recycled to support our pastures.

We slow-dry all our flower and our top shelf selection is trimmed by hand and glass cured.