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chocolate cream seeds

Chocolate cream seeds

Chocolate Cream is a feminized indica-dominant Marijuana strain and as its name suggests, contains a mixture of two of the most appreciated flavors. The effect is long-lasting, very relaxing both physically and mentally, perfect to forget everything and to be happy.

  • Terpenes Earthy
  • Type Índica
  • Flowering time Average
  • Cannabinoids Active
  • Yield capacity High
  • Height Small
  • Cultivation needs A few

4 to 25 seeds packs

Flowering: 50 – 60 days

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4 to 25 seeds packs

Yield: 450-500 grm/2

Chocolate Cream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

THC: Undeclared – CBD: Undeclared

4 to 25 seeds packs

This is a bushy, vigorous-growing plant, reaching 70 – 80 cm. in height, with plenty of leaf development for efficient photosynthesis. Indoors it has a total grow-time of between 70 – 75 days yielding 450 – 500 gr/m 2 under 600 watt grow-lights. Outdoors it can be harvested between April and November in the northern hemisphere depending on the precise latitude. The further south the greater the window, allowing also for more than one harvest a year from this fast-maturing strain. In this environment plants grow somewhat taller, up to 120 cm. and produce 120 gr. each. Growers can expect to see some nice purple colouration in the buds as harvest time closes in, more so outdoors where night-time temperatures drop considerably.

Chocolate Cream Auto is the auto-flowering version of 00 Seeds’ indica strain Chocolate Cream. It is a cross of the original and a ruderalis strain. It is a medium-sized plant which is suitable for cultivation by all levels of grower, including the beginner, as well as a wide range of climate regions including those in higher latitudes.

A damp earthiness pervades the scent and taste of Chocolate Cream Auto alongside notes of hashish, providing a rich delight for lovers of chocolatey flavours. THC levels reach 17% giving a nicely balanced, relaxing high for both mind and body and not a couch-lock strain although perhaps more useful for the evening unless chilling is the preferred mode. High resin production makes this a really good auto from which to make all kinds of extractions.